What do you get for doing Bridezilla
Does anyone know that your compensation is for doing the show?

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Eternal Embarrassment and Ridicule!!!

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lmao... do you get money?

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I have no idea...

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I"m assuming its not worth it....

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Exactly my thoughts...Unless you're looking for 15 minutes of fame and looking dumber than a sack of rocks seems to be your only route!

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Exactly what September2011 said, lol. If were to do any wedding show, I think it'd be "four weddings", free honeymoon sounds GREAT if you win. That's the only one I can spend all day watching, I've only got a glimpse of bridezilla a few years ago and that was it.

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I love watching bridezilla, but I could never be on the show. My FH said if I turn into a bridezilla I will be marrying myself. lmao

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i believe Bridezilla has some kind of thing where if you are mean enough you get a free honeymoon, which in my mind is just not worth it to treat your loved ones like that

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I know for sure that you get $2500, & I believe they help pay a vendor or two. IMHO, I don't think that compensation is worth you being embarrassed & shamed everytime your episode is played on national tv for the world to see.

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haha ...oh gosh I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face ... I'd be laughing the whole time because it takes a lot for me to unleash bridezilla and I mean A LOT, not my FS going out the night before the wedding, not my FS family nor my cake being the wrong flavor ... I'd be hurt yes if the cake was the wrong flavor but do not think I would ever smash a cake ... I still laugh when I think about that episode ... LOL

Amy is trying to be a very calm, cool, and collected bride ... to her family and friends ... so she vents to you ... and she apologizes ...

(Yes 3rd person)

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LOL @ September!

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On the website says they get a nice compensation but I don't think it's worth it. I like the show because it makes me laugh but I always ask how the guy can marry someone like her?? Oh and the FHs always say I love her because she has a big heart !! Mmm really ???? I don't see it!!!! Lol

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Yea I didn't really think about that...... FH and I reaaly just watch it for the laugh

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A couple that lives here, was on the show. She said they give you a small script, and ask the vendors to do wrong things. They asked the Tux rental shop to order the wrong size tux. The shop said no, because that's their place of business and they have a good name in the community. And the "bridezilla" is actually a nice person!

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I believe you get a free honeymoon. Oooh yeah and make a total azz out yourself.

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i agree with patricia, if i got to be on any wedding show, it would be four weddings. some of the girls are catty but they don't show any pre-wedding flip out crap.

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Oh my....if you are on Bridezilla, what do you get? I think I would get a lifetime of solitude. The FH would run faster than Forest.

Seriously...I believe you get a free honeymoon.
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