What do you all think about sunday weddings??!
Im thinking of doing a sunday wedding because you get alot more for the money your spending...They hike the prices up so much for sat.!!!!!

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Yes it does Sat cost more! You can get a better deal on a Fri also. I am getting married on a sunday! I would try to end the wedding between 10-12, because some people will have to work

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They are great! Im getting married on a Sunday, I knew I had to take into consideration that alot of guests are coming out of town and will have to miss work, but the way I look at it is....if they really want to be there then they can, if they cant, oh well!!

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If you have a lot of OOT guests I'd consider doing it on a Friday instead if possible..it's usually less of a hassle to leave work early on a friday than take monday off..that's how I'd view it anyways, but others may feel differently. But like Tink stated an early wedding on a Sunday would be best..if later everyone is going to be out of there by 8 or 9 regardless of your end time.

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We're getting married on a Sunday, so we get all the perks of having a cheaper wedding...but it's Labor Day weekend, so most people are off on Monday...best of both worlds!

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Sunday wedding here it definitely saves a ton of money. Don't let no one make you feel bad for it either.

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Have you considered a Saturday afternoon reception? We're doing ours from 12-5pm on Saturday 'cause it costs the same as Fri and Sun and we felt it would be more convenient for our guests. (And now we can head out with close friends afterward to keep partying if we're up for it!)

If most people are in the area, a Sunday wedding would be lovely, just maybe have the reception a little earlier or people might leave early with work the next day - could you have it from say 4-9 instead of the more typical 5-10 or 6-11?

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Mine is on a Sunday, 15% off per person and half off on kids 4-12. So I am paying right around $5000.00 that is for the wedding, and hall all at the same place, gazebo rental security and food open bar for 5 hrs. That is for 115 adults and 15 kids.
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Mine is also sunday. Like other ladies have mentioned, it would probably be best to do an earlier wedding on sun. My ceremony is scheduled to start at 2pm, and we reserved the reception hall from 2:30-9pm. We should be eating around 4pm which gives us like a good 4 hrs to dance, and still end early enough for people to get home at a decent time.

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As others have said, out-of-towners who can't (or decide not to) take Monday off may not be able to make it at all or stay late, but if most guests are local and/or you're okay with OOT's not being able to make it, then go for it!

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I am having a Sunday wedding and just like Katheryn said if OOT guest can make it great if they cant so be it. How i see it no one is helping us pay for our wedding so whatever I decide to do is cause it benefits us financially.

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I agree with Ab Z. 110%!

In my case, most of my relatives will be traveling from OOT. They are already spending a lot of money to come to the wedding so I personally wouldn't do it on a Sunday because I would never ask them to take off work on Monday. If the majority of my guests were local then I would consider having an earlier Sunday wedding.

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We are having a Sunday wedding. We picked Columbus day weekend because a lot of ouf friends and family will have that following Monday off. Our wedding is starting at 4:00pm. So far we have not heard any complaints about it being a Sunday evening. We just made sure we sent our save the dates our about 9 months before the wedding to make sure we gave people a heads up.

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Thanks ladies!!!m feeling better about a sunday wedding!Congrats to all!!

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I am having a Sunday wedding, and am loving saving the money. Most of my family and close friends are taking the Monday after off. Our ceremony is at 4:30 and the reception is from 6-12. I know that some ppl may start leaving around 10, but thats fine with me... I am sure the party will go on. I have been to a couple Sunday weddings and stayed until 12pm.

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I am having a sunday wedding because we're paying for it and need to save money wherever we can. Fridays aren't cheaper than saturday at our venue. We do have a lot of OOT guests, but none that I would be upset if they didn't show.

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My wedding was on a Sunday evening. The majority of my guests were from OOT. You know your guests better than anyone. Mine were fine with the Sunday wedding, and a few stayed on Monday. There was even a group from Canada that stayed through the next Thursday, which was awesome, because we had what we called a "Caramel Moon" and spent time with them. I think it did help that I had my wedding in the summer. The majority of our guests made it and had a blast.

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Honestly, I think it's awesome some people have Sunday weddings and before I came on here I never heard of it. There isn't a single venue where I'm from that will allow you to have a wedding on Sunday.

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I actually recently went to a Sunday wedding, I was a 1, but I had met the bride several times, been to her house, met her dog etc. and knew several people at the wedding. It was a 10:30 ceremony and the reception went until 5. It was a lovely day and I was home by early evening to relax and kick back before the week started all over. I do know that the bride , groom and their closer friends and family went on to a local bar to continue the celebration, which I think is a great option so that you can continue hanging out with people that traveled from OOT to see you get married. So mid-day Sunday with a planned after party would be a great way to accomodate OOT guests who are in driving distance that aren't looking to take Monday off and still get the bride a groom a great wedding reception with the guests that are able to party later into the night.
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