what comes first
After being announced at the reception what happens? Do you go straight for the first dance? if so when does the father-daughter dance happen? or does the father-daughter happen first? im so confused and really dont have anyone to ask.

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I googled it for you and this is what I came up with...


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thank you for this thread i was wondering myslef lol

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I THINK you go right into your first dance, then the father/daughter dance, then the mother/son dance, but I don't know for sure. I guess I have some time to figure it out... :)
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How can you not have anyone to ask? don't you have a venue or a DJ? having coordinated many reception timelines, you can do things in any order, but just make sure things flow well.

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@ Beverly your response was a little rude! Many brides on here are DIY brides so please keep that in mind.

@ Christina... I think we are doing First dance and then food... then going back and doing other things after we eat!

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KL's google post says it all..there is no set rules set in stone. See above
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In most cases the bride and groom begin their first dance after they are announced at the reception. I have seen a few weddings in which the DJ calls everyone out onto the dance floor immediately after everyone is announced. This is to get the guests pumped up for an awesome night. It really brought out the energy.
As for which dance goes first, I can't really say it's right one way or another. I have seen equal amounts in both. Personally I find it to be more emotional to have the father/daughter and mother/son dance because that seems like it is part of giving away their child.

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Here's ow ours went:
Intro to Reception - straight into 1st dance- thank you speech to our guests- dinner served- greeted each table- toasts as dinner was wrapping up- straight into father/daughter dance- straight into cutting the cake- dancing the rest of the night.

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thank you all for you help, i really appreciate it. I guess i will just do what i think will flow the best.

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I am so glad you asked this I felt like I was a little out of touch...

I just asked the DJ about this.....they are kind of like the MC running the show....cake, garter, bouquet - special dances etc - but ultimatley it is totally up to you....

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at our wedding we walked in and went right to the first dance. then mingled then right before dinner we did the uncle niece dance

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Here is what we did... Intro to reception, cake cutting, a little meet and greet, dinner, toasts, grand march - leads into first dance, other special dances, garter/bouquet was about an hour into a 4 hour dance. It is completely up to you though! It's your day, the guests are on your schedule! Just make sure to give your timeline to your photographer so they can be in the right place to take the pics!

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There is no right way about doing this. Everyone has there own. I am a wedding planner and I suggest 2 ways to my clients. One....Announce the bride and groom, & wedding party then 1st dance followed my the father daugther dance and the the mother son dance (if you choose some grooms don't) and then the wedding party dance and then eat. Or Two, announce the bride and groom and wedding party, eat, then do the 1st dance, father daugther dance, mother son and wedding party dance. Or you can do it any other way you wish to. Like I said it is up to you and what you fell comfortable doing. Let me know if I can help you guys in any other way.

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oh BTW I am not advertising here. I would hate to think any one would take it the wrong way. :)

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I think this is what we are doing...Intro to Reception, Cake Cutting, Toast, Special Thanks by the Groom, Dinner, First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Bridal Party Dance, Anniversery Dance, Garter Removal, Garter Toss, Bouquet Toss, then the Dollar Dance.

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@Brigett - question. You cut your cake before dinner?

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At my daughters reception, the order was:

Introduction; First Dance; Toasts; Dinner; Father/Daughter Dance; Mother/Son Dance; General Dancing; Cake Cutting; Bouquet Toss; Garter Toss; More dancing.

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Intro, first dance, mingle, eat, toasts as everyone was finishing up dinner. General dancing (there was no father/daughter etc dances)...cake cutting, garter removal (garter was an afterthought, so it was very late).

I don't think it really matters, it's up to you the order you want to do it :)

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Yes, we cut our cake before dinner. We had a huge wedding (about 700 people) and it was a buffet style served dinner, and we wanted people to be able to grab a piece of cake while they were up getting dinner and not have to get back up. We were worried people would scatter or leave after dinner and then we would be stuck with tons of leftover cake!
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