What color shoes for a champagne dress!?!?
All of my bridesmaids have to do fittings for their dresses by the end of Feb early March at the latest and they need to have the shoes they will be wearing with them for the fitting. I wasn't concerned about the shoes because their gowns are floor length with a small train and you really won't see them. Now I'm trying to decide what color/ style of shoe to have them wear with a champagne dress that has a pink sash around the waist. Any suggestions?

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My girls are in champagne dresses too. I think a metallic shoe or a nude color would be perfect. You could probably let them choose their own heel in one of those colors....you're right, nobody's really going to notice their feet in a gorgeous floor length gown.
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Some one had suggested gold but Im not too sure. What color shoes are your girls wearing?

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silvery white, perfect!

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A gold or champange colored shoe would be perfect.

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i think nude would be perfect. not only is it super fashionable right now, but it would very classy with champagne colored dresses.

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A coodinating champagne shoe would work. But what about pink? You could do an ivory, but I'd stick with a champagne the same color as the dress if you don't do an actual color.


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As you said, the floor-length dresses will cover up shoes in most time, then I dont think it really matters very much which colored shoes could be perfectly matched with your BM dresses. As long as they're not too extreme colors, I'd say any color of champagne, siliver, white, pink, and gold, etc will be fine ;-)

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Thanks for all your help ladies!
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