What are your "MUST PLAY" songs for your reception? Ideas please
Our wedding is September 5th and we are meeting with our DJ in two weeks. What are some of the "MUST PLAY" songs you are playing at your wedding? I need ideas... I'm drawing a blank.

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thanks to my husband, they were anything by Prince and MJ, and lots of it lol.
but we started with the conga line to get everyone dancing and on the dance floor which worked great

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I just have to have the Cha cha slide and the perculator!! ..LOL And then all the good old school jams.

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oh yea cha cha slide was the next one after the conga and after the everyone eas dancing for sure :]

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Well, I'm not at home, so I can't pull up my entire must play list, but I can give you that in a day or two. ;) Off the top of my head I know that I have The Electric Slide on there, Margaritaville, Friends in Low Places..... and that's about all I can remember right now. I'll post another comment when I get home with the rest of my list. :)

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im also looking for song ideas. i asked my dj if he had a general list of what he usually played and he didn't really seem interested in helping me, just told me to tell him specifics.but i feel like everything that day reflects me and i don't want him to play songs i don't like. i might just be being crazy (53 days to go) but i would like to give him a set list.

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I like the Cha cha slide, the electric slide, and the makerana

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Cha cha slide, electric slide, friends in low places, another one bites the dust (garter song), girls just wanna have fun (flower toss), anything by lynyrd skynyrd (FH and I are HUGE fans). I'm drawing a blank on the rest. Play anything that you want to play. It is your day. I would suggest making sure there is a wide variety so that there is something for all generations to dance to, other than that, its totally up to you what you want to play!

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we played single ladies for the bouquet toss :]

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Don't stop believin-Journey, I learned the Cupid Shuffle :), girls just wanna have fun, I agree with having the wide variety to get everyone at your wedding involved. I think a lot of DJs will play it by ear depending on the type of guests you have to keep them all involved.
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I agree your DJ should give you some ideas! Since he is NOT, here are some of OUR top requested reception songs. Hopefully you can get a good idea from these playlists (and tell your DJ to help with suggestions....that's what you are paying him for: to know what you want before YOU know what you want! :)

Here are the most requested "fun" dancing songs:

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Here is a link to my DJ's most requested songs:

You can sort by all different things.
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thanks so much those lists helped out a lot!

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I love the "I've Got a Feeling" song by the Black Eyed Peas!

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Our dj was really good with getting people out on the dance floor. That's what we hired him for so we only gave him a few songs that we knew we wanted and a few song we did not want played. We did the chicken dance and also YMCA. The songs on our must play list were Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake......Love of my life, Santana......Stigmatized, The Calling......Saved the Best for Last, Vanessa Williams (our first dance)

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I feel trully lucky that my FH, and I have a great dj. We have known him for many years , and he does all our events for us . When he does our parties everyone always dances the nite away, even the ones who cant dance LOL!!!!!! He knows us so well we never have to tell him what to play.To answer your question a few of my must have songs are the cupid shuffle.... Teddy Pendergrass, My Latest My Greatest(my entrence song).....The O" Jays, I Belive In You And Me...... Temptations , My Promise.....Prince , Adore.

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LOL LOVE the tunes JulyBride! The songs I would like at our reception are: Just Dance-Lady Gaga, I've got a feeling-B.E.P, Paradise by the dashboard lights-Meatloaf, a whoe bunch of ACDC, MJ and not sure what else!!
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It's important when planning the music for your wedding to pick not only the songs that you like, but also what your guests will like to listen to and dance to. Since weddings are multi-generation family affairs, there's usually quite a diverse set of music that ends up being played to have something for everyone. One bride I know is asking her guests when they RSVP for song requests; e.g., for married couples what was the song that they first danced to. This is one way to ensure that everyone has a great time at your wedding.

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Another option that could help you with song selections would be to send out a chain email for requests. Then send them to you DJ and add them to your wedding playlist. I regularly set up my B&G's with a music website for guests to offer some requests befor the wedding. I only set this up if the B&G would like their guests to provide some requests for the wedding reception. Ask your DJ he may have this feature. Good Luck!

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My FH favorite song is Mexico by Gnarls Barkley and we're going to mexico for our honeymoon so this is going to be our last song of the night. Others include Celebration, Twist, Crazy Gnarls Barkley, Brick House, Shout, Just Dance Lady Gaga, Ice Ice Baby, Kiss Prince, Low Flo-rida, Sexyback JT, Lots of Black Eyed Peas, SaltNPepa, Destiny's Child, Dirt off Your Shoulder JayZ, Hollarback Girl, Lady Marmalade (me and my sisters song), Gold Digger. And lots more. I found a couple good websites on ask.com and also the website Last.fm it is awesome. You can pick categories of music and is will give you lists of people and songs. I hope this helps I was freaking out about music too! Good Luck!
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