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**Welcome to the WeddingWire forums! PLEASE READ if you are new!**


First and foremost, WELCOME to our Community! 

We are always pleased and excited to have new users join our boards. :)   We want you to jump right in and start sharing and exchanging ideas about your wedding-- pictures are encouraged!

That being said, there are a few tricks, tips, and fyi's we wanted to share that should make your integration into our community as seamless as possible!

Please DO:

- Introduce yourself!  Take a moment to START a post & tell us a little about yourself!

- Use the 'Search' bar! Find existing discussions on a question you're thinking of asking!  You might get all the information you need from what has already been said.

- Start your thread with a catchy title so that it grabs our attention!  

- Consider changing your avatar! (**Please note you can only do this through a computer, not a tablet or smartphone!** -- Thanks Mrs.S) Avatars are often how fellow community members can identify you!  We certainly understand privacy concerns, so the picture doesn't have to be of you-- just something unique to you, your wedding, or something that you love!  This will make it easier for us to remember who you are and follow your progression of posts. 

To do this:

- Click 'Settings' at the top right-hand side of your screen

- Click 'Profile and Privacy Settings'

- Below 'Account Image' on the left, hover your mouse over the avatar and click 'Change Image'

- Select an image from your Photo Album, your Avatars, or Upload from your computer & click 'Update Image'

Personalize your screen name! Because referring to members as 'Anonymous' feels a bit weird!

To do this:

- Click 'Settings' at the top right-hand side of your screen

- Click 'Profile and Privacy Settings

- In the 'Screen Name' space, type in a unique screen name to be used in the forums, next to your reviews, etc.

- Don't forget to click the 'Update Profile Settings' button at the bottom of the page to save your changes!

Please DON'T:

- Advertise for yourself or your vendors.

- Solicit votes from us to try and win a fabulous free photography/honeymoon/wedding planning! (AWESOME for you, but we suggest using your Facebook for this!

- Review your wedding vendors on these boards-- tthat's what their WW Storefront is for!

- Sell old wedding items/used wedding items/random itemsfrom your house! ProjectWedding.com has a great Classifieds section!

- Make the title of your post ALL CAPS! Because it looks like you're yelling at us.  Do you usually yell at people you just meet? ;)

- Break our Community Guidelines and Vow of Conduct. Please check out our warning system for how we deal with violations. 

*We know this list isn't so fun, but we want to keep our boards free and clear for discussions, questions, sharing, venting, and everything wedding (and non!) wedding related.*

Other Tips & Tricks:

- NWR, FH, MOH, STD ... what?!  To become proficient in the community lingo, check out the List of WW Abbreviations/Acronyms!

- Want to add bold or italicized emphasis to your posts?  Check out these instructions! (Thank you @2d Bride!): 

- Wondering what a 'troll' is?  Read This! (Thank you @Hayley C.)

- Missed a Pro Chat? Visit the archives here!

- Questions about your account?  Check out our Support Center

- Questions/complaints/concerns/feedback/suggestions?  Emails us at support@weddingwire.com!

- Check out our Pro Chat archives! 

*And finally, PLEASE review the Vow of Conduct on the right-hand side of any page in forums.  Help us keep the community atmosphere positive and welcoming for everyone! :)*


--  WW Lauren

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