Weird Wedding Photos....Just For Fun.....
I was looking up must have wedding photos and stumbled across some weird wedding photos and themes. Post some of the weirdest ones you have seen.

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I tried to upload a pic and my work computer will not let me...grrrrrr...guess I will have to wait till I get off of work :(

Just Reenski
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First, I love a good zombie wedding. And, two, I love me some Superman! So those are right up my alley, LOL!

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haaa, fun post! here are mine-

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@Soon2Be_MrsKennedy, I think we were on the same site. I saw those as well. Do you see the bride has Wifey airbrushed on the tush part of her dress.

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omg what sites are you guys on? i need to check it out!!

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Here you go Blair. There are some PG photos on there too.

Just click on the hyperlinks on some of the taglines .
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