A weight off my shoulders!!!
I finally did it. I let a BM go that was causing me so much frustration. It was not wedding stuff..just more of her negative personality that I cant deal with anymore. The last straw was the other day. Since I have not been working I watch her one and three yr old sometimes when she needs me. Well she asked the other and I told her yes I wil watch them til a certain time and my FH will watch them for the last 2 hours. She snapped at me telling me that what ever was so important I could put aside and watch her children. Mind you..she texts me a hour before not a phone call. I dnt hear text messages because Im not the type to sit by my phone all day. I told her next time please call. She didnt take that well either. Told me that I should be the one to contact her if I really wanted to help her. I felt at that point I am being taking advantage of because in the past I do put other things to the side for her. Just because I dnt announce it does not make it true. I feel so much better.

Married: 08/10/2012
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Wow rude! I can't believe a friend you were helping could be so rude and demanding and entitled! You are *much* better off without her. Kudos!

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Sounds like my SIL. The last straw for me babysitting was when she she left them at my house overnight. Mind you, it was only supposed to be a few hours that evening. THEN she didn't feel it was important to come get them before I went to work, so the kids came with me. She didn't bother to pick them up until about noon. (work was not easy with a 2 yr old and a newborn)

Glad there is one less thing for you to stress about!

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wow, as a mother I would never tell someone who is watching my kids that they should put aside somthing to watch my kids. How rude is she. sounds like she needs a reality check! Glad you lifted that little bit of dead weight off your shoulders!

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Yes..it was hard because we have been friends since middle school and I am 23. But it had to be done. Glad to see Im not the only one who thought she was being ridiculous.

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yeah that's ridiculous! You were doing her a favor for her to act like that towards you is really crappy. You don't deserve to be used like that. Sometimes in life it's hard but you kind of have to cut people loose as you grow older. I had a friend like that we grew up together but as we got older she started to take advantage of me more and more and started to try and guilt trip me when I turned her down for things. So I started to reduce my contact with her now we just message on Facebook maybe once or twice a year. It was kind of funny though because as soon as she found out I was engaged she started to bother me a lot hoping she'd get a place as a bridesmaid but I would just avoid the subject when she tried to bring it up.
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