weight loss frustration!
I've been on weight watchers for a month now I'm working my butt off watching what i eat, not using any activity points or reserve i didn't even give into temptations at work and I'm only loosing a pound per week, if that i worked even harder this week because I'm not happy with the results and only lost 0.6!!! i no its a lose that's great but I'm getting so discouraged!! Any suggestions!?

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What's your workout routine?

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I feel you. My body is being incredibly stubborn. I was 148 pounds at the beginning of January. I started lifting weights and running regularly and gained weight. I did get smaller in my measurements though. My advice - stay off the scale. Go by your measurements and how your clothes fit. I know its hard to put the scale away. But it only frustrates you. Our self worth shouldn't be defined by that stupid number.

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I spin 2 to 3 times a week thats an hour, I jog 2 - 3 times a week for a half hour, I do the eliptica for 40mins to and hour i started doing the row machine to mix it up a bit... I also do arm and ab machines

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add some weights low lbs high reps. the more muscels you build the mor calories you will burn naturally

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It seems to me you need some strength training - it will build muscle and that will burn more calories. So if you can include 2-3 weight sessions a week, that should help. Also, when you do your cardio, try interval training, or HIIT. That varies your heart rate and also helps burn more calories. So when you go for a jog, include 5-7 bursts of 30 seconds when you run as fast as you can. The scale and measurements will start moving for sure!

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Thanks for all the advice Ill be sure to give them a try!

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Also- if you have access to a pool, definitely try and get some laps in. You would be amazed at how fast you tone up by swimming laps.

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I know you're stressing, but that can cause any diet plan, or workout plan to go off. Stop stressing, and you'll do better. Keep in mind exercise is a great stress buster, if you can't get to a gym, hit the streets and walk, that's great also. Good luck

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I'm doing Weight Watchers too. I got frustrated with the one drink thing and kind of gave up a few weeks ago. My mom is also doing it, she's lost 20 pounds since January. I lost 5 pounds than gained 3 back since April/late March.
Here's my advice: use your reserve points, even if it is just one dinner or something-get apps, eat bread, get dessert whatever use your reserve points for that. It will trigger your metabolism to burn off that food and help lose weight.
Also, I thought their portion sizes were small and usually used more than the recommended-maybe get a kitchen scale and weigh the food to make sure portions are correct. Also, if you are drinking a lot of diet soda because it is no points, I would try to cut back on that. I don't agree with using splenda and switched to all turbinado sugar which is also 0 points and much better for you!
Hope this helps and good luck!

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Maybe you are slimming a bit even if it's not showing on the scale, are your clothes feeling any looser? Just keep at it, it will come off

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Also, make sure you are weighing yourself everyday at the same time. I usually weigh myself in the morning before I eat or drink anything. It also might have to do with water weight....and all the above suggestions are great! I don't have a gym membership I workout right in my own home for free....you should check out Bodyrock.Tv or ZWOW!
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You should def incorporate some kind of exercise. Fitness and Nutrition go hand in hand. If you commit to atleast 30 minutes of exercise per day, you will see results more quickly. Are you getting enough vitamins and vital nutrients in your diet? Cut out all juice and soda if you're drinking that. Your body doesn't need it. If you do resistance training, you will gain muscle but loose inches. It's all about how u feel not what the scale says when it comes to getting healthy.

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Sounds to me - you are not losing weight because your workouts are making you gain muscle at the close to the same rate you are losing fat.

You need to use your measurements as well as weight. Especially your the one around your waist.

And slow weight loss of 1 - 2 lbs is recommended to sustain it long term.

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You might also want to take a trip to the doctor to see if everything is on point. I was having some problems losing weight as well. Worked out an hour to 1.5 hrs a day and ate healthy for 6 months and only lost 6 pounds. I went to the doctor and found out that I have PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome), which causes a lot of weight gain among other problems.

After being diagnosed, I was able to change my way of eating and working out to combat the syndrome. I've lost a lot of weight since then and have been able to keep it off. I'm almost at my goal weight.

So go and let your doctor check all your levels, it might be a health issue. If not, then he/she can also steer you in the right direction to help you lose weight effectively.
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Oh I'm sorry I missed the post about your exercise. You could very well be loosing inches so you should measure like D1 said. One of my clients was working out hard like you are and wasn't seeing any changes, it turned out she was not taking in enough calories believe it not.
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