Wedding Wishing well poem
Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you our wedding wishing well poem cards that i sent to my family and friends asking for money instead of gifts. We dont need toasters and dishes as we have been living together for some time so instead we asked for currency. We didnt want to offend anyone so we worded it nicely in a poem lol however if our guest want to bring a gift that is totally fine. Tell me what yall think I created it in Word Publisher.

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Shayonna, I think that's a great idea. Are you including this inside invite? Well we did a Honeyfund. Which is basically your card........ If your not familiar take a look at ours: or Goto Shaton M. Anderson 6/2/2012

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I like that you guys put it in a poem. Very creative and its highly unlikely to offend people. Did you guys write it yourselves?

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Omg Honeyfund is so cute. I wish i would have known that but i already sent them off :(

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We wrote most of it ourselves but we used some wording off of others that i googled they were kinda cheesey so i had to change it a little lol

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@Shaton A. i wasnt able to go to that link it took me somewhere else

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I love the idea!! I may have to consider something like this for myself.

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I LOVE THIS IDEA! I was thinking of do that to...but I wasn't sure if it would offend people.

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@ Detras i was afraid of the same thing but i honestly think this will work out perfectly.

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I think its well written and very cute. Its not abrupt at all, so I think it will be great =]

Hayley C™
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I personally don't care for requesting gifts with an invite, no matter how cute it is.
And I come from a family that would be offended, even by a poem.

It is a very cute poem. I would have used it on my wedding website under "Gift Registry."

My parents, and his parents asked us what we Really want for our wedding (as in gifts)
That way when people asked my mom, "So, what do those crazy kids want for a wedding gift?" or "Where are they registered at?" she was able to help spread the news of what to give us.

Word of mouth is really the only way not to offend people.
But it is a sweet poem you came up with.

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@Hayley C. Everyones family and friends are different, I know for sure they won't be offended because they all pretty much know what we want and need...but thanks for your opinion! ;)

Cynthia B
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This is great! The first thing my FMIL did when she found out her son was going to propose (he had not yet asked me) was buy a wishing well. I was hesitant because I didn't like asking for money. I also don't want to bother with a registry.

We moved in together 3 years ago and had both lived on our own prior. We did a lot of down sizing and still have a storage shed as big as our master bedroom filled with boxes of stuff that we haven't yet parted with. The last thing we need is more stuff. Brilliant idea, I may have to steal parts of it and personalize it a little to us.

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@Cynthia as you should. I totally understand about having everything you need I was so happy I googled this and reworded it as I didn't want to deal with registries

Notary @ Your DOOR

Notary @ Your Door
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WOW! That was unique! Very interesting. And you did save them time and everyone knows time is money! :)
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I'm with Haley here. I don't like to be told what to give, cutely or not, and gift requests NEVER go in an invite.

Ms. Eva
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Yeah.. I don't know about personally I would get offended and take it the wrong way like I think the best way in my opinion is to just put on the invite "wishing well reception" instead of the inserting that poem..

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@ Shayonna- this is a great subtle idea-- you can also go the route of doing a registry that will exachange the gifts for cash-- this way it wont offend the ppl who dont like to give cash

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Thanks for all the advice! If I offend any of my friends or family it's not meant inthat way. We are all very close to our guest so trust me they know the deal. Everyone is different...happy Planning!

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I love it and if they get mad about a request for not purchasing a gift. Then it is because they just want to complain about something.

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I am also with Hayley on this one.

The poem is cute, but no matter how cute it is nothing about gifts should be mentioned in a wedding invitation. You should put it on your wedding website.
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