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HELP! I've just started creating my wedding website and I cannot figure out how to include directions, the weather, or how to add more spaces for my wedding party. Does anyone know how to do this?

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i wrote out my directions from the venue website.. the weather uploaded automatically with a zip code.. and no idea on the BP :)

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For directions and weather, add the apps, don't use the directions page. At the top, you should have the option to add a page or add an app (with a red icon next to it). Both those apps are listed there. For the directions to work, you have to add the address of your ceremony/reception to your profile, but you can keep those private.

To add lines to the table in the bridal party, click on the very bottom line, the left hand box, then hit tab. It should automatically start a new line on the table for you.
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thanks so much for your help!
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