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talk about a mouth full of a title! lol

FS & I registered for some things last night, and I added a page on our website for our registry. We need everyyyything. Literally EVERYTHING. I'd be happy if someone decided to buy us a bottle of Windex as a gift, because that's one less thing we'd have to buy!

So ON our registry page I wanted to mention on there that we really do need EVERYTHING and any kind of gift is appreciated, but what we REALLY need is gift cards or money.

And I know you girls would be all over me if I requested a specific gift (ie, gift cards/money) so I was wondering how I could word it on our website, without straight out ASKING for it.

Any ideas? :)

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And one more question while I'm on the registering topic :) On Target's website the suggest # of items we register for, considering the amount of guests, is 260. We only have like, 60 some items at Target, but are planning to go to a couple different stores later. Is it 260 at each store?! Or just 260 gifts total?

Obviously I'm not going to go do that exact amount, but I'd like to come close so that we've registered for enough and guests don't run out of things to choose from

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an easy way to get money...don't register. I was married previously when i was much younger and that's what i did the first time. We recieved one gift out of 130 guest all the rest cards with checks inside and that gift also had a check along with it. I know quite a few others who did the same thing. That way your not directly asking for it but people either get the idea or dont know what else to give.

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If you REALLY want gift cards or money, don't register for actual items. As amanda said, you will get what you register for, otherwise people will give cash. The more items you have/ more stores, the less cash you will get.
260 would be total.

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260 would be total things registered for :P Could you imagine registering for 260 things at EACH store!? If you register at 3 stores that over 700 objects--you'd be registering for EVERYTHING.
I agree with the ladies above--if you want money, then don't register for anything. lol, but since you need everything register for those. I thought that you were supposed to get a shower gift and then a card/gift for the wedding?

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why don't you create a registry and just add that link to your registry page? then you don't have to 'ask' at all. what would you want the money for? -- maybe that's how you frame the registry...some people may be comfortable just cutting you a check, but lots won't, and this is a nice way to show them how you'll use the money and make it something they'd like to contribute to.

i think 60 gifts at Target is fine. besides, you have to be careful because regular stores often renew their inventory and then things become unavailable, so you don't want to register for too much too early. have 2-3 registries and that should give your guests choices. we did 2, 1 at macys for some upgrades to things we wanted to refresh like sheets and towels and then a 'new home' registry with deposit a gift.

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...just saw the dates on these other entries...sorry i'm a bit late on the uptake! oh well, hopefully the info is still helpful.
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