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Every time I upload a picture for the Bridal Party page, depending on the size of the pic, the picture is huge. So I click on image info and change the height and width. But then that stretches some pictures or makes them look distorted. How can I make them all in the same size squares without distorting them (similar to the demo website). Thanks!

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I sized them before inserting them. I had to play with it a ton, and almost gave up. That's my 1 complaint about the websites - the pics are so hard to upload!

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Try using your arrow keys in one of the boxes to make the picture smaller (takes time depending on how big the photos are). When you use your arrow keys, it keeps the photo equal distribution so you don't get the stretch issue.

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I went by the size of the one pic that looked normal when I uploaded it and use that smae height and width for the others, it work fine, some I had to adjust the height but I use the same width for all

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Amanda A -

The best size for pictures on WeddingWire is 600x600 pixels. As @Ashley A. suggested, I would definitely size and save them prior to uploading them to your wedding website.

If you continue to experience problems, send us an email at A member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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Are you sure it's 600x600? When I did that, it made the picture massive. But that was for height and width. I didn't see an option for pixels.

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I didn't re-size the pics, but I did crop them first. I used Windows Photo Gallery option "crop to size" to crop them to squares so they were all the same aspect ratio. I then inserted them in the bridal party page and sized them all 100x100. Here is my website if you wanna see how it ended up.

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hi amanda

you are going to get the best results optimizing your images prior to uploading them... photoshop or a similar program would be the best. 600X600 pixels as Christina said will do the trick!

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Where is the breakpoint html code to add a space in between bridesmaids and groomsmen just like dragonfly726 has on her link in between bridesmaids, flower girls, ushers etc.... . I keep playing with it and I'm not getting it!
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When you add the wedding party page, it gives you a title and table. I used the original title/table for our bridesmaids. Then, I copied/pasted the whole thing below and just changed all of the info for the flower girls. I repeated that step for our groomsmen, ring bearers, and ushers.
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