Wedding Wagons
we have two beautiful wedding wagons made of acrylic, designed to help get the youngest member of you'r wedding party down the aisle.
no muss no fuss. What i would like to know from the community is; if this sounds like a good idea.I would like to rent / sell theese but not sure if I'm the only one that thinks my idea is the greatest! Please fordward answers to and thank you in advance for any intrest or input Kathy Smith

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Maybe if you could put up a link in which we could actually see them, it would help.
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As a floral and event designer I do get calls for these wagons every year, if the costs to the couple would be reasonable, it may be a good venture.Something other than the big red wagons.
Feel free to contact me on my website at
Send me a picture, and I can suggest ways to market your idea.
One thing I would look into is the Liability release for the use of something that transports kids!!

This biggest sellers in My area are the large wheel red wagons with side slats in wood. We dedorate them with floral garlands and cut fresh flowers .
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My brother & Sis-in-law had a wagon in their wedding and it was very adorable. She had my (one year old) neice in the wagon while her older brother pulleed her down the isle right before the bride came out, there was a hand painted sign on the back saying the bride is coming
Check out this & other pics on my piczo site!

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Consider a baby carriage or wagon from Wicker By Design at See image attached.

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