Wedding Venue prices?? HELP!
So I have looked all over the place at different venues. Most venues charge a facility fee of between 6,000-18,000. That price does not include tables, chairs, linens, chair covers, catering, cake or anything.

On top of the facility fee, most of the venues required you used them for catering. That is where they really get you. Most places were between $150-100 per person not including alcoholic beverages. Then they have a food and beverage minimum of 10,000 or so. This all totals at the least $16,000 for food and use of the venue.

After a lot of searching I found a venue that includes tables, chairs, set up and clean up and some decor for only $3,000. I was so excited that I found this place, yet my family still seems to think that this is outrageous. I don't know how to please them and don't feel like I will find any better of a deal. Is this price really that bad? Is it just me, or are they crazy??

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Ummm, why is your family outraged by this place? Sounds like a better deal to me? And who is paying? Are you and FS paying? If so then your family should be applauding the fact that you don't want to start your married life with a huge debt from the wedding!

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Venues vary a lot depending on location/city

I had to look around for about a month (both online and in person) before we found one that fit our budget and our guest list.

The Mom n Pop places tend to be a little cheaper compared to the corporate places. Any place that has been listed as "Top venue" from any wedding website/wedding magazine is going to be extremely pricey -- so avoid those.

For just under 10K we are getting chapel, officiant, decorations, reception hall, tables, linens, chairs, veggie/fruit/bread displays, full meal (buffet), choc fountain, bridal and groom cakes, all table ware, DJ, bartender, and a wedding coordinator for 140 guests max. This worked great for us because we weren't going to have the time to find all these things, so now we just have to get a photographer, flowers, and alcohol (in TX if the venue doesn't have a liquor licence you can BYOB as long as you have a certified bar tender)

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If you family is still freaking about the prices, just google "wedding venues" in your city or nearby cities instead of using the vendor search options here on WW or on any other wedding website.
If you are interested in an outdoor wedding check into local arboretums, gardens, parks, etc and it may save some money. Also consider having the reception at someones home -- a family member or friend that has a large house/back yard may be all you need.

Also before you start seriously looking decided on a budget for the total cost of the wedding....then you can use the budget calculator tool here on WW under "my wedding" and it will give you an estimated break down of how much a venue, catoring, cakes, flowers, etc should cost.
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Congrats! I'm from the same area as you are. I know when we were looking I was really surprised that there were not more options of places to get married. Most everywhere we looked was close to the same price. We chose to get married at Chestnut Hill which is outside of Cleveland because they offered packages and very helpful. I think most people are surprised at the amount weddings cost until they are the ones getting the price check.

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I also forgot to mention that the venue for $3,000 includes glassware and china and table and chairs, set up and clean up and allows any catering company you chose. They also don't charge extra like most venues do for having alcohol on the premises.

I have looked up every venue/location close to where I live and every other venue is at least 2-3,000 more. I don't know how to explain this to my family because I have and they just don't seem to get it. My dad passed away when I was 15 so the traditional (mom and dad) pay thing is out for us.

I kinda figured my grandma (dads mom) would help out with the wedding but she is only offering 2,000. My fiance' has a huge family and the wedding is going to have at least 100 people if not more. I set a budget for $10,000 which I think is very reasonable but my family thinks that is way too much and want me to shoot for a 5,000 or less wedding. I feel like that is impossible and were having to pay for most of it anyway.

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Stephanie how much was your venue? Outdoor or indoor?

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Kayla, I had the same issue when I first started planning. My dad thought I was being ridiculous!! I kept trying to tell him I was trying my very hardest to be frugal!! He's paying for some of it, we are paying for the rest. For those in your family that have a financial stake in the wedding, start forwarding them the emails that you get with quotes. If you get a hard copy (instead of email), scan it in and send it to them! Then they'll start getting the idea! I went into this thinking I wanted to keep my budget at $5,000. I very quickly realized there was no way that was going to happen! So we are around $10,000 now as well. For those that don't have a financial stake in the wedding, just quit talking numbers with them!!!! Good luck!!!

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If your family isnt the one paying then Idk why they are worried. My venue cost 7600 for 200 ppl and includes food, linens, table settings,tables, chairs, chair covers, dashes, basic centerpiece, tea, coffee, punch. And you can bring in your own alcohol but they provide the bar and bartender.

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Girl you better jump on that!!!!! That is a GREAT DEAL. I agree. Unless your family is willing to kick in some money, forget what they are saying. That is almost unheard of so you seem to be getting a deal. Just make sure you read any fine print because it's almost too good to be true.

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I agree they shouldn't tell you where or how or how much you should get married for. If anyone is offering to help, they should keep it at that, if Grandma wants to contribute 2000 then that should be her gift to you, especially since YOU are picking up the rest. They don't seem to understand how much a wedding costs including invites, attire, favors, gifts, tips, PHOTO and VIDEO, jewlery costs in 2011. I agree with the person that said send them quotes so they can see you ARE getting an AMAZING deal!! Show them this thread ha ha...just my opinion.

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That is a good deal and like Maria said you need to jump on it if you can. In our area we have some limits unless we want to drive up to Seattle and then everything jumps about 75%. You may also want to check a local community center. Our city has a newer one on the outskirts of town that is on a lake. It was perfect for what we were looking for, but they will not book until 15 months out. Believe me, on Weds. I will be there with check in hand.
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Check out that will show you averages prices in your area.

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Wow Renee where is your venue located! That sounds like a steal. I feel like even if I sent the quotes out to people they would just assume that the quote is for some outrageous location. I think it all comes down to them wanting me to just get married in the small town I am from in the community center or some field. I'm about to just not invite them all and save the money! I feel like the venue I found was very reasonable and I have been really working hard to cut the price down.

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If they are not paying, I can't see why they would complain at your having a nicer venue!

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Your venue price seems quite reasonable. I also do not talk about the cost of things with anyone but the FH. My mom does not even know how much this is costing us. If people are contributing, give them a specific line item to which their money will go (food & beverage; attire; music; photography), that will keep them out of the other areas. That will help them stay in their own lane even if they are helping with the costs. But be sure that you do not give away the line items that mean the most to you. So if the dress is the thing that means the most and you are willing to break the bank on that, don't give that line item away. Keep that so that no one will be able to tell you what/how to spend on that! Hope that helps.

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I think it depends alot on where you are located. My venues includes all the things your's does, but it's only $480. I'm also having a midday event and no dancing stuff. Just a simple ceremony/luncheon.

If you are paying for it- and think that's a good rpice for your area- jump on it! You can talk to your friends/family about things for the wedding, but leave prices out of the discussion! The financial aspects are none of their business unless they are writing the check!

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Wow, I can't believe the other venues charged that much.
It seems like you have a good price on this venue. If your family isn't paying, they don't get a vote. I would keep the discussion between your FH and you alone.

@Christina...I just found another reason to love the state of Texas!

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Kayla: I am in Houston, and yes it is a steal, and gorgeous!! My friend had her wedding there so I know what to expect.

I think the price you have is great! and just ignore the comments from family and friends, thats what I am doing!!

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Well I think it's a great price. I visited a few places and the rental fees ranged from 2500 all the way up to 7000, and the only thing that was included was the tables. So yo had to rent chairs and whatever else you wanted to rent had to go through your caterer. I ended up finding a place that my mother and FH loved, so I jumped on it. I find that if you share prices with people, they give you the deer in head lights stare. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with community center weddings, but it is just not my style. Things in the big city are often more expensive. If you love it, I am going to encourage you to book it. Forget about what people are saying. I just hope that you can find a reasonable caterer. That's where I broke the bank, but the food is awesome.

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This is exactly why I don't tell my parents how much we're spending on anything.
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