Wedding under 3000 dollars
I am getting married in September 2010. My fiance and I are on a very strict budget. I need to find a place to have my wedding venue that is nice and will not be expensive. I need the location to allow me to bring my own food. I tried the VFWs and Elks in my area but they are not really nice. Can anyone please suggest a location. I live in Kearny NJ so anywhere within 10 mile from my home is ok.

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I know you said you want to get married close to home, but for that budget a destination wedding would be perferct. You can find packages for free and at an all-inclusive resort, food is not an issue! Just a thought...

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yea I agree with Queen, a destination wedding does sound perfect...but our budget is only $4000 and so far we are doing great...all of our major things like photography, DJ, caterer, and cake are all being done very cheap by friends of the family, our reception is in the gym of our church, and we are ordering our flowers through Kroger and doing them oursleves. Kroger, in case you dont have one, is just a chain grocery store. You should look into halls from churchs. The gym we are doing it at isnt that bad, and its huge, and very cheap.

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You could always look into Bed and Breakfasts and of course Ranches. Though you might have to travel more than 10 miles if need be and if you're willing.

That's one of the main deals I've been conjuring up is to find a place where everything is included for the most part.

Nicole K.

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Try this website. You can search for venues by zipcode. They will also send out leads to places that are in your price range.

A & M Photo and Video Productions, Inc.

A & M Photos and Video Productions, Inc.
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Welcome to WW! I found this venue $900 (7 hours) incidentals
Woman's Club of Maplewood
60 Woodland Road
Maplewood, NJ 07040
(973) 762-9119
I'm not sure if this is in your price range or if it's close enough to you but I know NJ is very expensive! I'm thinking your best bet are the VFW's and Elks Lodge. My cousin got married at the VFW and we just spent money on making the venue look nice and it really turned out very pretty!
I also looked for community centers thru the dept of parks and recreation in in your area but I couldn't find any...chek that out as well! Good luck :)

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How many people are you having?

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My grandmom had a baby shower for me up in Newark at a Portuguese restaurant and there was TONS of food and people and it wasnt expensive at all. Def look into restaurants.

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Hi mariposa... I used to live near kearny... there is an Elk cross a street from the baseball field by kmart(going down the hill)... Sorry I dont know the name of the street! I hope this help you. If not you could try Belleville... there is a couple in Washington Ave...

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look into any colleges in the area. i never even thought of this, but some colleges have banquet hall rooms that are gorgeous and they wont charge alot. and yeah im planning a $5000 wedding in NJ and know how you feel! but you can do it!


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I don't mean this to be rude, but with a budget of under $3,000 for the entire wedding, you probably aren't going to find a realy "nice" hall in your budget. We have a lot of halls in our area for under $500, but they are just a big steele pole building or a gym type building. There's nothing wrong with them and we work in them a lot. But you shouldn't expect to get a fancy banquet room for that price.

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I am sorry if I made it seam that I was looking for a banquet hall. I know that I can not afford a banquet hall with my budget. I was just looking for a Place that I can hold my venue that is spacious, bright and when decorated looks pretty.

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A lot of public park facilities have very inexpensive venues.

If you want to find out actual prices of venues without having sales people call you, visit They list a lot of low price venues

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Check out this page for some tips on affordable wedding venues:

Best of luck to you!
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