Wedding Thank You Cards - using cash to offset wedding cost
Im writting my thank you cards for the wedding and most gave money and checks. My husband and I were together for 11 years before getting married. My parents did help with the wedding cost however we still paid for about 1/3 of the cost. the checks and cash we received set us even to the amount we spent pretty much. All the ettiquette Ive read is to say what you've spent the money on but is it insulting or tacky to say we used it towards the cost of the wedding? Since we've been together so long i cant say a generic line like it will help us as we build our life together, we already have a house and a child together so...

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Rachel W.
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I wouldn't say that you used it toward the wedding cost. I'm just not sure what I WOULD say! : )

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Are you going on a honeymoon? You could say you used it toward that. Here's a link to some nice-nice expressions that you could add to your thank you for the monetary gift. Is there some etiquette rule that states you have to tell your guests what you are using it for, or no?

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Money is a fickle situation to tell people how you spend it... I would bypass that bit in my opinion.

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We are in the same boat really, we got mainly cash and checks..I'm just thanking them for the "gift"..we are planning on saving it and just using it for things like rent..If it's like a gift CARD to somewhere, that's a lil different and I would say what we used that on..I don't think anyone expects you to lay out in detail in a thank you what you got with reasoning was well we haven't spent it yet so it's common sense that we'd recoup some of the wedding cost..Also I'm trying to put time and be as individualized in the thank you cards as possible, not just a generic message, so that should be sufficient imo :-)
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Yea we went to Aruba some of the thank yous I did say we used it towards spending money on our honeymoon but was trying to get other ideas for closer family who knew we paid for the wedding. All the etiquette I've read says your supposed to say what you put the money towards but not supposed to put the amount of the gift. I suppose I can just stick with spending money for the honeymoon.

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Congrats on your wedding. We personally will not explain what we use the money for but will thank people for sharing in our day, and for their generous gift. In todays world you don;t have to give them information as to what you do with it.

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Thanks everyone, i think I thought of a verse that works..."We really appreciate your generous gift, it will help us continue to build our lives together"
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That is perfect Jen S. Keep it simple. I don't think I would even care what a couple used my gift for honesty, but I would like to be thanked.
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