Wedding Seed Favors
Hello ALL! I the MOH in my best friends wedding this spring and I have come up with the idea of giving flower seeds as the favors - however I'm stuck on sayings for what we can put on the bag/envelope (we haven't figured out what to put them in yet) Does anyone have any ideas thanks! :)

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Honestly, most favors suck. I do not have a garden, nor do I want one, so flower seeds would be wasted in me.

IF favors are done, edible favors tend to be the best choice.

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I wouldn't take seeds home with me as a favors or edible is the way to go

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I got to agree, they will be left behind, or all swept up by the gardeners.
However, it is a very cute idea.

I would do it in the most cost effective way... buy a big bag of seeds and DIY.

"Please plant these flowers and watch them bloom, just like the love of the bride and groom"

"As a living 
Remembrance of the 
Love we share,
Give you these seeds to 
Plant with care"

Here is a link for a matchbook seed cover. - or - I could help you change the colors if needed -

DIY with cardstock?
Here is the site to tell you where to score the paper to make it easy to fold.

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Thank you! I will look into this! we have a strict color of purple! we are trying to be different - We didn't want to do a candy bar favor everyone is doing that - and we figured we could "Go Green" and have people plant flowers since its a may wedding - even if some people don't take them we know a bunch of the older woman will scoop them right up (her grandmother is part of the flower club in our town) I guess we are just trying to give a favor you don't see often.

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Hmmmmm. I would rather have a cookie in the shape of a flower. That's something everybody could enjoy, not just the random gardners. :)

However. If you're determined to do it, I think those plantable seed papers are absolutely adorable. There's an entire page on this website dedicated to favors. The dove is my favorite although it's expensive, but the plantable heart is .70pp.

I think you can find these papers cheaper elsewhere, just wanted to give you an idea.

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Also- Mrs. D. was asking you to please change your avatar picture. It helps people recognize who you are so people get to know each other. It doesn't have to be a picture of you, but it helps the community when everybody looks unique.

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I can ask my friend if she wants to go with food favors - but we are having a dessert table on top of the cake so we are just trying to steer away from what everyone gives as favors at a wedding - Thanks all for the input! I will look it into it - we are trying to keep the cost down as she anything too expensive is not logical at the moment. but I agree with the hearts I like them. Again thanks for the help! And I will change it after work :) (my picture that is!)

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I dont think you should listen to them. your favors dont have to be edible lol actually I am having two favors and one of them is seeds .... daisies are our main flower and I am having daisy seeds for people to take and plant since they come back every year, although most of my family and FH does alot of gardening, and love flowers,
I think we are going to say something like

Like our married life together
plant these seeds and watch it
grow and bloom into something
Like these flowers thank you for
always being in our lives.

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Thank you Sarah! I think we may just stick with the seeds - its in May and flowers are spring. And we don't see it at most weddings! - I hope you have a WONDERFUL wedding and I love your your verse!

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Seed Bombs?
Wedding Favor Seed Packets quote ideas:

Watch our love grow.

Plant these seeds and watch them grow, as does our new lives together.

Love is the only flower that grows and blossoms, Without the aid of the seasons. ~Kahlil Gibran

Help our love grow together.

Our love grows on Celebrate our blossoming love.

Love grows best in the care of family and friends.

Our love grows on.

Help us plant these seeds of love.

Does that help?
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Jessica C - yes thanks so much I love the Love grows best in the care of family and friends! thank you sooo much!

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I loved the seed packet idea, but not for my Sept wedding...

Good luck and I would LOVE to see the finished product!

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I am going with seeds as well :) I have a butterfly theme so I am getting seeds to promote butterflies in your garden. I am going DIY but I am also giving away a small edible favor as well!

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I love the idea of seeds or seedlings. Some people can't grow flowers from seeds so maybe wild flower seeds because they seem to be easiest. But it would be better(I.M.O.) if you used seedlings because they have already sprouted and would be easier to grow. I don't like the idea of something edible because that's not something my guests can save. I mean, they would just eat it. I want something they will be able to hold on to or remember us with. Ya know?

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I love the seed idea

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Kirsten, thanks we needed up going the way of the seed favors, her wedding is a week from Sat. They were a pain in the put to put together (really myself) had to go with something we saw on Pintrest.

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what did you end up doing?

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we did morning glory seeds in a morning glory flower made out of tissue paper with the colors of the wedding.
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