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I'm debating on creating my own wedding reception programs, we marry in 25 days. I think it makes sense since we have a lot to offer - 3 separate location on the same venue, photobooth, cocktails..etc.. i want to create WRP becuase it would help ease any confusion. But than i think it would cost of a lot of money plus more work. What else does the WRP include aside from the menu?

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Usually the wedding party, the parents of the bride and groom, Any cultural traditions happening during the ceremony, directions to various locations, Thank yous, Dedication to lost loved ones, I think thats everything that can go in a WRP

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To be completely honest I have never heard of a WRP. I tried to google for a sample but all that came up were itinerary with step by steps for the vendors and the bride and groom. Sorry I couldn't help.

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If you're thinking about cost (cause I know I am) you could consider going to an office supply store that does colour copying. Just make it up on the computer, give them the file and they'll print it and colour copy it for you (or go B&W).
Alot of stores also offer folding services if time is an issue, and if you're using half pages, they'll cut the paper for you to.
Good luck!
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My suggestions:

A summary about how you guys met

The bridal party (if they are going to be introduced at the reception before you guys enter)

A list of your vendors (if any)

A Thank You note to your guests, for attending, from you and the groom

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i actually never heard of that what a few othe rpeople said. like have the basics from a reg. program. just like the wedding party, if your mom and his mm are walking down to anything (seating os the parents), if u are walking down to anything special. if your pastor is doing a reading, if anyone is doing anything special (solo, reading etc), if u are doing a unity candle, if u have any close relatives that are in memory id include that in there.

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I hope this isn't too late. I'm also doing a reception program. Here's what's on mine:
Mr. and Mrs. ____
May 16, 2009

Photobooth and Drinks
"Then and Now" Slideshow
Introduction of the wedding Party
Father-Daughter Dance
Mother-Son Dance
Everyone dance!
Cutting of the Cake
Bouquet and Garter Toss
The Send off

then a note at the bottom thanking all the guests. Hope this helps!
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