Wedding / reception budget under $1000
I just got engaged and my fiancée wants to Marry in 3 months , I live in Maryland , but I'm originally from south jersey . My fiancée lives in Philadelphia . We might have a big wedding at our church or a small wedding at a chapel. What should I do? I only want positive advice , please no negativity .

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think for 1000 dollars you should consider a cake and punch reception, try and find a wedding with a basement and have your wedding and reception in the same one

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You could do either or, it's more about what you really want. the reception is the most expensive part. unless you know of family and friends who don't mind preparing food for you, I would go with a cake and punch reception, with light foods.

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You could do a dessert reception. Brownie mix and cookie mix is fairly cheap. You could make stuff like fudge, caramel, cupcakes, pies, brownies, cookies, chocolate cover oreos. Angel food cake with strawberry sauce. That is all very cheap. Have a later ceremony at like 7pm (around here it's after dinner time. Keep your guest list small, DIY EVERYTHING. Flowers included. I would say to make paper kusdama flowers. You could make well over 200 flowers for under $40. Go to the dollar tree for all vases and candles.

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Lydia G: Where in MD are you having this?

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How many people are you planning to invite? Heck, I can do dinners, in my own home, for 12 people that run $500 or more. So, it all depends on how many guests, what your vision is and the venue.

Honestly, if you only have $1,000 to spend, I would forego any type of reception. You cannot afford it. That $1,000 is better spent on your monthly expenses.

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I actually agree with Kathy - when it comes to weddings, $1,000 goes quickly. It's going to be difficult to do. Is there any way you could postpone the wedding and save up some more money?
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I also think it's going to be challenging, even if you were to have a dessert reception.

Have you thought about closest family and friends in a chapel and brunch afterwards?

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I think it is doable!!

Just buy a super casual dress, a veil from ebay for like $2, punch and cake (make your own cake), make your own appetizers...

Have your wedding at your church, and ask if they will do it for free since you are tight. Then have the reception in their hall. Churches may give you a break, if you explain the situation. My uncle is a pastor and does weddings all the time for free in his church for couple's with no wedding budget. There is you venue and officiant for free.

Use an ipod for music, and bring a stereo. Have friends be the photographer and videographer. Have you bridesmaids buy their dresses, and have them be casual.

Buy cheap decorations off and To decorate the whole space, you could probably do it for 200-300.

For flowers, try your local Saturday market. At mine they do bouquets for $5-$10. You could use those for your flowers...

I tried to cover all the big bases... let me know if you need anymore ideas!! :)

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Also for ring, you should try groupon, when Christmas shopping season starts. Last year I saw $100 for $200 on blue nile jewelry. You could probably buy both rings for $200 at that price.

And also, since your wedding is in Dec. churches will all ready be decorated, so I think you could even cut your decorating budget lower to 100-200

My Chicago Wedding Connection

My Chicago Wedding Connection
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First things first do you have your dress?? If you are thinking of wearing something simple you can get a dress and shoes off the rack for around $100.00. If you know your officiant at your chapel or church well explain the situation to him and he may be willing to waive any church fees that you would normally incur for the wedding and then A) ask yourself do you have any family or friends that have a large basement or even your church basement if they have one will do. I would keep your guest list small to close family and friends if you can have a smaller intimate reception and then A) ask those closest to you if they would be willing to prepare a dish for the reception. If your parents are around and involved perhaps they would even be willing to chip in for catering alot of caters can put together a small menu for about $10.00 per person. You can decide to forgo having alcohol at the reception or go for the punch bowl you can chat with me online for more advice I'm here to help

My Chicago Wedding Connection

My Chicago Wedding Connection
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Everything Marilyn Said, Don't Stress it's completely do able... I just had a wedding with 150 guest for under $5000.00 It was tight but I made it happen, Remember the wedding day is about you and your fiance and your love that's the most important part the rest will all fall into place. Have a great wedding and Congratulations!!!!

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I think it could be tough but doable..I agree with Marilyn and with some DIY'S it is possible. With the holidays, you can find great deals on everything. You can create a menu based on coupons and sales you see in grocery stores and start shopping now little by little. By a jar of tomato sauce here and there and by December, you will have enough! :) Good luck and keep us posted!!

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Thx so much , my parents may be able to help but I'm just trying to figure out ideas if it was just me and my fiancé . I have even heard of people having weddings with just $500 , do anything is possible , as far as a dress maybe a dress from David bridals , any ideas for affordable caterers , if the church can't do it ?

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Decide on your guest list size before you think about caterers. That will eat up $1000 fast. David's is always running those $99 sales, so jump on those. Marilyn gave great advice. With your budget, you may want to find ways to cut food costs by DIY or have family and friends to bring a dish. My mother did this at her first wedding, in our basement and the food was great and we had a great time!

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I am so anti-davids bridal, I didn't even think of them! But, they have that $99 dress sale!

Othewise, just buy a cute dress that's white from Macy's, Kohl's or somewhere. I just bought an adorable rehearsal dress that is knee length and white from Macy's for $15! I would totally where it as a dress if I was having a casual wedding.

As far as caterers, I don't think you will be able to afford that for under $1,000. However, if your parents help. Look for BBQers. My caterer is providing me 2 meats (pulled pork and chicken) and 5 sides for $1300 for 100 people! That is so cheap and I have taste tested it...its amazing!

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I actually got my caterer for cheap too like 2000 for 150 people but I wish i could do 1000 only way i can see you getting away with that if you only do dessert service and take your own pictures. Photography alone can run you about 1000. If you can make it work do it honey. My mother told me she had the reception at the house so it is possible and if you spend time DIY everything it should work out.

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You can do it! Keep the guest list small, have your wedding at a nonmeal time, and serve just homemade cake and punch in the church social hall. And skip the nonessentials. You can use invitations from Michael's (using the 40% off coupons they frequently give if you sign up at their site), get married in a nice dress you already own, get flowers from the supermarket or skip them entirely, and get rings for $25 each from JVL Jewelry (current discount code is 234683).

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Thrift stores and garage sales for under $30 I have gotten invites, linens, favors, guest book, card box, and part of my centerpieces

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Y'all have great ideas : as far as flowers , I prob will get a bouquet of flowers for me, but fake flowers for where ever if I have to decorate most places usually are ready decorated . I will prob get a davids bridal dress or one of my old while dresses only wore once. If I can get the church it may be only 100 people , if it's a venue it's 50 and a chapel 25 people.
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