wedding reception at a park?
Is a wedding reception at a historical public park consider tacky?

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You'll always find at least one person who will think any idea is tacky. But no, I don't think a historic park is at all tacky. You should go with a place that fits your budget and you and your guests will enjoy.

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I think it will be nice... As long as you have a back up plan for if it rains

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I don't think it's tacky at all. The most classy reception I've ever been to was at a garden/park. It is what you make of it, just like any just have more a more natural, beautiful backdrop to add your style and details to. Go for it!

Shae's Event Resources

Shae's Event Resources
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umm no! It's all about the bride and groom anyway not everyone else!

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I sure hope not... cause Im having mine at a regular park.. just angeling it to avoid the jungle jims

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I don't think so. I would have loved to get married/have reception at a state park near here, but FH insisted we get married in the winter because of his business.

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i have seen it both ways. i supervise parks rentals and you actually can dress up and parks shelter, play up the theme, and make the event something everyone will think is unique and special. I would say with a historical park its even easier to not look tacky...if you need ideas on the space your working with i would love to help. me and my FH both work in parks departments and help people do parks events all the time..!

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I would say not at all! I love the parks and I am having my ceremony at a park. Work with what nature has provided for you and maybe add a few touches of your theme or colors to it. You have a lot of opportunities for nice pictures: the two of you next to really old trees, a natural field of flowers, pictures beside a lake or river if there is one, and so many other things you can do.

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Just a word of advice make sure your don't have to get a photographer permit

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Yes the idea is different and at the same time it is very good..have a great time..

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I think it would be beautiful, not tacky at all. Anything can be tacky if you don't pay attention to details.

We wanted to use a park setting, but most of them don't allow alcohol here in DC.

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Not at all. It is not so much about the locations but the presentation. If you have your area decorated appropriately it could really be romantic and elegant. Just be sure to find out all of the regulations so that your don't plan to do a design that is not allowed in the area. You could hang lanterns in the near by trees that will lightup as the sun goes down. Just be creative and your guest will never feel like they are in a park but an extended venue.


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I think it will be memorable. Here's a link I found on that very subject. Hope it's helpful:

Best regards,

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i want to do mine at a local park too. gorgeous park. i was thinking of renting one of their pavillions and doing a BBQ type thing. just relaxed and a good time. i dont think its tacky at all. and it fits our budget better!!

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Mrs Joseph that sounds like here, no drinking in the park. So we are having the reception at a nearby hall, also the hall serves as our backup plan if it should rain. Make sure you have a backup plan if your park wedding is outside, the last thing you want is to be rained out.

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i think its awesome idea not only do you have all beautiful flowers around and great views for pictures its all free the decorating! and its beautiful in summertime just have a back up plan maybe your reception venue if they allow it.

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