Wedding planning in USVI
My Fiance and I are getting married in USVI in December (December 17). We have invited our family and some close friend (a total of 15 people). When we started planning a couple of months ago, everything seemed simple and I was very excited. Now I find myself getting very overwhelmed by the choices. My fiance and I live in Boston and we are working off a tight budget. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good caterer for the wedding dinner? Also looking for suggestions for a photographer, hair and makeup artist and cake shops. Thank you in advance. Its been really hard planning a wedding from afar but I dont think we can afford a wedding planner.


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There aren't a whole lot of destination brides on these forums, so you may want to also post over at the forums on best destination weddings:

Good luck!

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we had planned a DW on st. thomas. we had to change it due to family health issues. but it was all planned out. we used perfect weddings of st thomas. leslie was GREAT. she has several different packages to choose from, the one we chose was about 3,000. it included photo, cake, reception and ceremony, music..t actually had everything excdept the dress and hotels. it might be more than you initially want to pay for...but when you start adding up the stresses and the different parts of a wedding....its really nice to have someone to do everything for you.

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and it included alcohol and food!

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We had a destination wedding in Aruba and your best bet is to pick a location and work with their planner. It might not be extra money and it will make your planning so much easier. They will also make sure you have everything you need for documents . Happy planning! Dw are so fun because your wedding celebration is days long!

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Thank you ladies for the suggestions.

@Barbara - Great idea...I will post on the other website for more suggestions.
@Cristina - Any chance you still have the information for the wedding planner? Also was the $3000 for just you and your finance or the wedding party? We are going to have 15 people in our wedding and so I doubt we will get that rate.
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