Wedding Planner Prices??
If anyone is using a wedding planner, please tell me how much youre paying for yours! I need a general estimate on how much they cost; ive been asking my mom to help coordinate the reception and since she speaks bad english... we have a hard to communicating lol. She finally gave up on me and asked me to see how much a wedding planner is and she'll pay for it, haha. But only if its 'reasonable'

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If you google "cost of wedding" you will find a wedding budget calculator by zip code. On the left, it itemizes everything and there is a tab for a planner.

The cost varies greatly with type of services that you are looking for (and that should also be itemized under the planner tab).

I hope this helps.

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I got an amazing wedding coordinator for day-of coordination, helping with venue selection, attending all of our meetings, and helping with pretty much everything for $1400. It is WELL worth it, and she's already saved us about $600 through her connections!
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I am a wedding planner, I base my payment on your budget. I only ask for 10% of what ever your budget is. So I am very affordable. Just let me know.
~Elizabeth Boggs~

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What does "day-of" coordination mean, anyways? It sounds like you get them only on the day of the wedding lol. "our wedding date is tomorrow, find us a venue quick!"

I know thats not how it goes down; but i still dont understand the phrase

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I have a planner and purchased her biggest, most inclusive package. She's involved in anything and everything, she's saved us a bunch of money by negotiating prices and also because her company has some set discounts with certain vendors. She'll also be there the day of the wedding with another staff member and will make sure everythign goes smoothly, will hand out final payments, etc. - She's my day of coordinator, too!

I'm only playing $1200 for her. She adjusted her "base" prices based on my budget.

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My wedding planner based her fee off of my budget and the size of my wedding. She had various packages to fit various needs of course, but opted for her full package and we paid $1300. Every penny has been worth it to. Thanks to her all of our vendors were booked by the beginning of December!

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I did a lot of shopping in my area and the average price was around 1200-1500 for various levels of service.

Mine is $700 and includes:
-Day of coordination with her and an assistant
-Coordination of all vendors
-Contract vetting
-Helping find vendors when asked
-Rehearsal dinner

It really just depends on the level of service you want. I felt like I could do a lot of stuff myself but I just wanted someone to run things by to make sure I was getting a good price and to give me a professional opinion. DOC was imperative since I don't want to be bothered on my wedding day. So far, I've loved my planner. She's not a yes man and will tell me straight up if something isn't a good price or if it won't work with the design. Not to mention she's already paid for herself and then some with savings she's gotten me.

Whatever price you see on their website you can always negotiate it to fit your needs. I found most planners more than willing to work with a budget bride like myself.

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Well crap now I want a DOC

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Fatima-a 'day of coordinator' takes care of everything on the day of the wedding. They make sure that things are on schedule, people are where they are supposed to be, etc.

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I am with you, Erin! Now they have me wanting one!!

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..yea, i kind of want one too. It sounds expensive, but i you figure in the fact that they take out all the STRESS associated with wedding; like did the family-friends that are in charge of 'decorating' do a good job, or a sloppy job. Etc.

Maybe i can squeeze one into the budget without my parents really noticing lol. Okay maybe not, but i will see if i can negotiate with my mom. She wants to help me coordinate, and although she has a degree in interior design ... i dont want MY wedding to be her "experimental" wedding.

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The more i think about it, the more im convinced i should get one. My wedding is going to be in a town two hours away from where i live; i am not familiar with anything over there! And trying to communicate between me in Charlotte, my mom in New Mexico... with vendors in Asheville... is giving me a headache just htinking about it.

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Hear are a few words of wisdom to those of you looking to hire a Wedding Planner...look for recommendations from other brides who had weddings recently...always meet with them whether in person or talk with them on the phone (if you don't live close) you want to make sure they are a good fit for you...nothing worse then working with someone you just don't click with...don't base your decision on price alone...and yes we can often save you money...there are those wedding vendors who see a bride walk in and think that "they'll pay it"...just because a Venue or church has a coordinator or like, it doesn't automatically mean you don't need one. Their job is to make sure things run smoothly on their end.
My job is to be your advocate, looking out for your best interest and making your wedding planning and day of STRESS FREE, which in the end you will see is priceless!

Congratulations on your upcoming weddings!
Good luck in your search, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Sharon M.

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Sharon M.

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I see you are not far from my family. I am in Georgia. I know a few vendors in your area. If you would like to contact me, I will be happy to talk to you about your wedding and suggest the type of planner you many want to contact. Not all planners are planners. (No charge. Just because you are so close to my family) And none of them are vendors.

I saw your style boards and they are wonderful.
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