wedding planner prices?
Hi--I need a wedding planner because my parents are deceased. Does anyone know how much they cost or what is a reasonable price? I was hoping a wedding planner would save me money but the price I was quoted by one was far more than I expected...Thanks for any responses!

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I am sorry that your parents are not here to share this experience with you.

You do not need a wedding planner, due to not having parents to assist you.

You do need to decide what you and your FH want, in a wedding, and go from there.

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Hello! I just interviewed two wedding planners this weekend!

My wedding is 3 months away, so i've taken care of hiring most of my vendors. I was mostly looking for day of coordination and wrap up. The first person i met with, wanted to charge me $3,000. The second person, and one i ended up going with, was a team of two ladies and they are only charging me $1,000 - and i'm getting so much more with them!

Definitely shop around, and don't go with the first person unless you feel completely comfortable and it's what you want to spend :)

Good luck!!

Hayley C™
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Hi Ann ~ Welcome to WW

Sorry to hear of your loss.

I think Wedding Planners save you headaches... but I would love to hear real live examples of how the planner saved them money on the cost of a venue or something else.

I know they have connections on who/where good places are. They know reliable venues... but I would love to hear someone with a planner gets the same hall as another bride for $500 less just because of a planner.

There are lots of brides on here that might live near you to give advise. There is a GREAT check list on here to help you keep on track. The budget tool is great to help you see where to put your money.

Come by anytime and post up a question. Also, please change your image so that we can remember you better.

Go to your profile, then right next to where it says photos, there is the word edit. Click on it and it will give you the option to upload or change photos
Thanks ~ Happy Planning!

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Are you wanting a day of wedding coordinator or are you wanting someone to help you along the process? I have a wedding coordinator who is just 'day of" however she told me that if I needed any help along the way she will call the vendors to ask ?s for me etc.. so that was nice....shes only charging a few hundred.. what area do you live in?

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I interviewed a wedding planner and her fee was $1700. However, she had all the vases I needed for my centerpieces- saving me $300. She had a negotiated price with my venue, saving my another $2900 right off the bat!

She had discounts with just about everyone in my city!

I think she would have truly been worth her fee, without question. The only reason I didn't hire her is because we chose to get married out of state instead.

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Hey Ann, I know how you feel because my mom is deceased. I live in San Diego and our wedding is in New Jersey. I knew I needed a wedding planner because it is hard planning a long distance wedding. Plus they do save you money because they have awesome ideas to make things better on a not so expensive cost. They have experience. My planner is charging us a great price for an amazing package. Keep searching for an affordable planner that will do a great job. They are out there, trust me. I interviewed a few and one of them was outrageously expensive, so I kept looking. I am extremely happy with Coming Together Events, she has been so helpful and has reduced my stress levels and worries about the wedding a lot. Good Luck and happy planning!!

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FYI-Mine charged us under $1,000 for help with wedding planning and coordination from the time the contract was signed to our wedding day. Amazing Value!! Money well spent. Look all over, even Craig's list. You will be surprised. Some people love wedding planning so much they do it more as a hobby than a money making business so their prices will be lower.
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