Wedding on a military base?
Is anyone else having their wedding on a military base? I, nor my FH, are military, however, we came across a really great deal for an historical landmark site on base. Like the mansion/plantation without the extra costs. One of the major pluses besides the wonderful set up, is the lack of a sales tax, which is also saving us a lot of money. However, each time you go on base you have to have ID, registration, and/or proof of insurance.

Not that I can change it, but is that a lot to ask out of your guests? I fear that someone won't follow instructions and won't be able to get in, or decide not to bother due to the the long line and hassle of it all.

Not to mention the phrasing of all of the requirements on my reception/direction card.

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Does ANYONE in your family/ on the guest list have a military ID? because they can get a visitors pass for everyone else, and it will help with the hassle. I am not getting married on base, but me and FH grew up military and now hes military and so I know what you mean, its a pain in the a$$ to get on base without a military ID. If you happen to live in Virginia I would help you! if not, I would just try and explain car pooling to people and ensure EVERYONE over 16 has some form of ID because they arent kidding they will turn the whole car around if one person doesnt have ID

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Also, talk to the coordinator at your location about getting visitors passes for guests so all they have to do is have a valid ID (DL or passport anything). That will cut it down esp if your having it on a tripped out army base like the one near me that like searched EVERY car that doesnt have military IDs. They may be able to help you with the dilemma

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My cousin had her wedding reception on an air force base a few years ago (her husband is in the marines). We had to provide our full name and driver's license# to get added to a list and then had to show our ID's when we got on the base. The only pain was a guest failed to be added to the list (the bases fault), thankfully because she was in a car with 3 other people who were on the list and all had their ID's (including the guest) she was allowed on. They did not ask for registration, just our DL's/ID's.
I didn't think it was that big of a deal, she had over 100 people at the wedding, so it couldn't have been that big of a deal. :o)
The only pain was, the base was dark (when we were leaving) so finding our way back to the main gate was a little.. interesting. We made a FEW wrong turns.

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Having been military, it is a huge inconvenience to non-military guests. Being non-military yourself, are sure they will even let you use the facility? Usually places like that on a base are not rented to civilians. There are often restrictions on alcohol consumption as well, depending on the post.

It will create very long lines for your guests entering the post, and could mean having to start the wedding late. It will also be difficult for many vendors to access the facility- like hair/make-up people, flower delivery people, etc.

You can look into it- but I personally would not make it your first choice.

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Patrice, I'm active duty and with the cost of wedding in DC...we gave some thought to using the facilities at Ft Belvoir (beautiful views of the Potomac) or Ft McNair (old Colonial Mansion) but couldn't get past what a pain the arse it would be for our guests. In the end, we put our guests above saving money.

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My cousin had her reception on a military base and on the invite she said to tell the gate guards that you're with the wedding party. Everyone seemed to get through smoothly. I would go by the visitors center for the base and ask about it. They will need to see everyone's ID's and all of that though.

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Do you or fh have amilitary family member? If not I D T youwill be able to have the reception there ???????? I tried with a family member and we were unable to have a ceremony at the base so please look into this before making it your choice.

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Thanks for all the responses, ladies. Because it is an Virginia historical site, and it was there long before the military bought the grounds surrounding it, non-military are allowed to rent it out. @Amy O. I've been to a bridal shower at Ft Belvoir and it was really nice! However, I didn't have that much trouble getting through security.
The lady told us when we toured it that they would have extra people on site the day of the wedding to make it go more smoothly.
We've already booked it, and in comparison to all the places that we had seen, they offered us so much more,(ie: $19.99 per person for a buffet with 2 entrees, linens, china, zero sales tax, and plenty of space) that we had to overlook the inconvience and just go with it.
I'll just have to be really specific in my wording.

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Patrice I don't see what the problem is. Those are all items that anyone driving a vehicle should have in their possession. Most bases only require this of the driver and not all passengers in the car well Army bases that is. It may be different with the other branches of service. The next time you are on base I would stop by the MP station and ask. It may be something as simple as providing a list of everyone in that will be in attendance

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If that's all they ask for you got off easy. I can't even bring lunch to my FI on his base.

sometimes you can arrange ahead of time with a base so that they have a list of your guests names and can just check that when they come in, but really everyone should have their id and registration if they're driving.

Just make sure to spread the word so nobody forgets and gets stuck outside.

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MekMek- it really depends on the base. I have worked the gate at posts that we can't even allow spouses. I've always been required to have an ID for everyone in the car over the age of 16/17 depending on the state. I've worked the gate for events like weddings, and if their name is not on the guest list- they can't get on post.

It all depends on the post, and what is stationed there. Anything with a large intel unit- forget about it!

You'll have to be very clear to guests that RSVPing will be neccesary, and they'll need to bring their ID, etc. I'd probably try to spread by word of the mouth that carpooling is highly encouraged.

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Patrice would a shuttle bus/van be in the budget now?

Meghan B. brings up a good point that I did not take into consideration, the Units are housed on the based where your event is.

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We were married on base, and we just had to turn in a guest list to the gate 72 hours in advance, and anyone not riding in a vehicle with a military member had to show ID to prove they were on that list. There were no problems. Obviously the facility you are planning to use sees civilians frequently, so just make sure you get the rules laid out and tell your guests to carry ID (something every adult should always do anyway).

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Patrice, if your talking Ft. Monroe which I think you are, they closed the base so its "govt" property but not nearly as hard to get on! They sold alot of the old officers houses to civilians! However, PM me. I live in Hampton and I have all the military connections you would need to make this day go smoothly!

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My FH is stationed on a base in VA. It depends on the base, what's materials are stationed there and unfortunately the mood of the guard. Some days it is easier than others to get on base. I know for the base here, for large events the military can get visitor passes a head of time. It would require some work from your guests but, it would help to move things along smoothly. I would definitely remind your guests to make sure that they have a valid ID because some bases are now scanning IDs instead of just looking at them.

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can anyone share with me where Patrice's wedding was held? i am considering a military base as well. thanks

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It was the Defense Supply in Richmond off of Chippenham. It's the Bellwood Club.
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