Wedding Nightmares!!
I know we've all been having them. They're usually completely ridiculous but they still shake us up! Hearing other people's nightmares about things going wrong at the wedding make me feel like I'm not alone, plus they're usually really funny! So please share your worst dreams. I have 3 months to go and I know as I get closer to the day they'll just get worse. I have had the ones where vendors don't show up or come late. The worst one was I was ready to walk down the isle, they started my music for my entrance, and I suddenly realize that I forgot to put on ANY makeup or even brush my hair! Even my groom has been having dreams about forgetting his shoes or hair gel. Tell us your worst dreams, you'll feel better to let it out! Or at the very least we'll all get a chuckle out of it

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Good topic!! So far my worst wedding nightmare was kinda stupid and funny but scary. We're having the reception at my parents house and my dream started there at the reception. My fhs grandpa decided to fire the dj (funny cuz we're not having a dj but whatever) so he got on the turn tables and tried playing a bunch of crappy "old folk" music so I went up to him and started yelling at him he threw a fit and turned the whole dj station upside down and went and sat at his table where my fh followed him and yelled at him for ruining everything that's when his grandpa leaned forward and lit his tie on fire on some of the candles then ripped the tie off and threw in toward my parents house and the whole house caught fire!! I think that's when my fh woke me up cuz I was kicking in my sleep or something but that was horrible I woke up in a cold sweat and realized it was just a dream thank god!!! Needless to say I decided to not have candles on the guest tables lol

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I had a dream that it was my wedding day and I didn't have a dress, reception hall, catering or photography. It was basically at a park with all these little kids running around and I'm crying because I didn't have anything! It was so horrible!

The second one was last night. It was my wedding day and I was walking down the aisle and when I looked down I wasn't in my wedding dress but a different one that I didn't recognize, the church was a different church and the groom was a stranger with really bad teeth (a big no-no in my book). I woke up and starting freaking out. I double checked that I had the right dress hanging in my closet! :)

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HA HA HA...the totally different groom is one I have not heard! And I love the DJ grandpa! Hilarious! Isn't it crazy how all of our stress and fears can manifest in such bizarre ways! Keep 'em coming ladies, these are great!

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the worst one i had (and i think the only one i've had surprisingly - lucky me i guess) was one where it was the day of the wedding, even though i could have sworn i had 6 months to go, but i didn't have my dress and we got to the church and we had left everything at my house and we had had to travel over an hour to the church (even though my house in reality is only a couple of miles away lol). everything was going crazy and my fh was running late. and his mother was driving me nuts! which she is anyway so i'm all ready prepared for that lol.

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So my Mother and I both shared a similar dream...crazy! My ex-boyfriend of five years has stayed in contact with me. About six months ago, finally came out and said that he was wrong for everything he ever did to me and how sorry he was...he even came out and said I love you. He tends to be very possesive and can be a little on the stalker side lol. He is currently in Iraq and doesn't know that I am getting married in May, as I just decided on a wedding date this past January. I dreamt that he found out and showed up to the wedding dressed in full Marine uniform. I woke up before anything else could happen. My Mother dreamt that he found out about the wedding and kidnapped her and I as the wedding was about to start and cops were everywhere. Hmm, what does this all, SCARY!!!

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I had one similar to the park dream....
I was at the park down from my EXs house under a pavilion. I was dressed in normal clothes and people were setting up lawn chairs...People started coming up and just parking all over the place...My cousin came up to me to show me my wedding cake and it looked like a birthday cake from Walmart... :\ Yuck

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I have had a few crazy nightmares myself! One was that nobody showed up. I made my entrance (in a god awful BLUE dress mind you) and realized that there was only 4-5 people in the whole place! I started to panic and ran away. I wonder why we have such crazy dreams!


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Because I'm a planner, I get to have them ... a lot! I also have the pleasure of falling asleep regularly making last minute check lists. A few for each wedding! Mostly it that my bouquets have all turned wilty and brown over night. I've dreamed that the hall was not properly reserved, so there was no where to have the wedding.

One of my clients dreamed that I walked up to her just before her wedding and snipped all of her long beautiful hair off!

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I have the same reoccurring nightmares...I never have my hair done...I'm late...really late as in Last Dance late...and I rarely see the groom and when I's not the right one!! :)

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Wow!! So it't not just me. I had a dream last night that I was at the park ready to get married and the chairs were setup like a mile away from where we were and the wedding planner told me that the chairs can't be moved so the guests would have to stand up. The flower girl had no flowers so she picked up some grass and put it in her basket. There were only about five guests there. Wait it gets worse, then two UFO's started flying over our heads and everybody started running like crazy. I am not even getting married in a park. That is just weird!!!!

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That is so funny because just last night i had a dream that the people who are suppose to do all the cooking for the reception didn't have any of the food done on my wedding date, so i was standing in the kitchen calling all of my friends and the bridal party asking them to cook some fried chicken. i didn't get any sleep (THAT DREAM WAS HORRIBLE!!!) I kept waking up sweating so finally at 7 a.m. i got up and stayed up because i didn't want to have anymore nightmares.

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The day my hubby and I got married, the night before I had the worst nightmare that we went to the wrong place for the JOP, that my hubby's ring was still too tight for him, we forgot our Marriage License at home, he couldn't get out of work and his part time job called him into work after our Wedding, we would have to wait 5 hours to get a seat at the Cheesecake Factory, I forgot to change into my dress and show up at the JOP's office naked, etc. The worst part of it was actually right before us getting married in real life I had a Doctor's appointment and they had to do the Glucose Test for my pregnancy. I didn't want them pricking my finger that my Wedding Band would go on in a few hours since I was afraid it would still be throbbing, so I made them prick the opposite ring finger, and it was no biggie. I'm the biggest chicken for no apparent reason.

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I've had two nightmares recently!

first: I have been an event planner for years, so I dreamt that the day of the wedding, I was doing all of the arranging of linnens, centerpices, etc. While in the reception hall getting everything ready, all of a suddent guests start to arrive. But, I haven't gotten ready at all! No dress, no shower, no makeup, nothing! And there's nothing I can do because all of the guests have already shown up!

second: I dreamt that my ring flew off my finger, and down the drain. Now, i know this is totally possible, so it kind of freaked me out. I definitely woke up and checked to make sure it was still there.

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i have had quite a few...hadnt had them for a while but they started back up this week....i think because i have been thinking about the wedding so much and trying to finish up my last project.

earlier this week i dreamt my flowers werent what i wanted and the makeup artist showed up late.

lastnight for some reason FI was like i dont want to marry you and started dating one of his good friends....totally weird! i woke up and hugged him...he knew i had a bad dream.

a month or so ago i dreamt that my hairstylist (and BM) passed out and there was noone to do my hair and i was running around the ceremony trying to find someone.....

so weird! I hate these dreams!

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We actually almost had a real nightmare on our Wedding Driving after getting married, picking up both of our pay checks from our employers and heading to go out for dinner, my hubby's ring nearly fell out of the car and into traffic. He would have stopped the car and made everyone go around him to get his ring. We knew at that point since the Cheesecake Factory we were going to was in the same shopping mall parking lot of the Zales we bought our rings at, we ran there first and had them resize his ring, and then go out for dinner. Everyone at work kept asking him "Aren't you now married?" and he had to tell them all that he had to have his ring resized for a second time.

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Ok, my wedding is a long time away, so I am sure that I have way worse to come but I have a one bad dream so far and I have to say it was a bit bizarre. I dreamed that it was the day before our wedding and we had completely forgot about it! My mom brought it up that we were getting married the next day and we were like "oh yea." We hadn't done anything to prepare-I mean anything! I had a flash after that where the ceremony part was over and we were at Chuck E. Cheese for the reception! lol. And on the intercom I heard them say "We'd like to say congratulations to Kathryn And Travis on their new marriage. And also happy birthday to....(forgot that name)." We had pizza and beer and were all we talked about was where we should go honeymoon to. May not be the worst dream ever, but I woke up a little bit anxious to get everything planned. lol.

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this one is SO weird it felt so real, last night I fell asleep with my binder on my lap and I had a dream that I had woke up in the same position (sitting on the bed with my binder)and my phone rang and when I leaned over I saw that I had a ton of missed calls. I looked at the date and it was my wedding day and I was still at home in AZ! I answer my phone and it's my FH asking if I was on my way to the park, he was waiting. I jumped into a shower and got into a ugly dress and ran out the door. I live 3 hours away from where the wedding will be so I started running across the desert to San Diego dress and all. The whole time I was running I saw all my guests driving by so I kept trying to get a ride but noone stopped so I kept running. By the time I got to the park it was dark the guests left and my fh was asleep on the grass I tried to wake him up but I put my hand on him and he was a statue! I woke up and snuggled up to my fh he gave me a big hug cuz he knew I had a bad dream. scary!

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Neka N. I am moving this post back up to the top in response to your post. As you can see, we ALL are having these dreams! I can't believe your so called "friend" would actually tell you that some bad dreams mean your marriage is doomed!! I would not tell that girl much anymore if I were you, she is clearly jealous and not supportive! these dreams are simply a manifestation of all of our fears and stress related to putting so much work into this one event. Find support here with others who totally empathize with what you're going through!

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I had one that I decided to let my FH and his groomsmen pick out their own suits and when it was wedding day which I forget about in my dream! He puts on this salmon colored tux with brown patterened pants lol. Then I dont have shoes flowers or cake bc I forgot haha! I also had one where the vendor booked another wedding and we had to drive to some resteraunt to get married instead! Im glad Im not the only one!
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