Wedding memorial day weekend...bad idea?...good idea?
Hey ladies and vendors..I proposed a question earlier about having a july 4th wedding..its a sunday..and it is THE exact day of the holiday I got many mixed and informative and great replies :-)

I have never done anything on memorial day weekend..sadly enough..i know most people how about the sunday of memorial day? good idea? bad idea? would I save money at all? will vendors be open and willing to work that day? any feed back would be appreciated!

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i would say its a bad idea to have any wedding on any holidays my future sister in law had a wedding to go to on july 4th and she was so upset bout having to miss family time to go to a wedding u got to think alot of people go away for a min vacation on holiday weekends so they dont have to take off as many days i hope this helps

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If anything, I would think that this would INcrease your costs. It may also inconvenience your guests, and also cost them more since they are travelling on a holiday. I would pick another date...JMO

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I am actually IN a wedding this coming up Memorial Day weekend and since its a destination wedding I think its the perfect weekend since we are already getting an extra day off work...
It might be advantageous to you as well because a lot of times venues are cheaper on Sundays, that way your guests would still have a day off after the wedding...

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If you are going to have a lot of out of town guests then I think a wedding on a holiday weekend is a good idea because it gives people more time to travel and not miss as much work. I'm having a Sunday wedding (most places are cheaper Sunday because it's an off day-even on a holiday!) and I know we got a great rate because of it. As with anything, you are always going to have people that have plans. I'd feel out your guests and find out how many of them make plans for memorial weekend. If lots of them say, neh, we never do anything, then I'd say it's fine. If you run into loads of your family and friends that do go somewhere or do something special that weekend then I'd nix the idea.

Nicole K.

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Weddings on holidays tend to cost more because it is a holiday. You may find though that more people will decline because it is a holiday and they have other plans. Before you make a decision ask your family and friends what they think and if they would be able to attend. Also compare prices of vendors for that time. That may help you to make your decision.

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I am actually getting married on memorial day weekend, it isnt more expensive. I think it is a good idea since it will be a three day weekend. And all the vendors that i have spoke to are available, so i think if that is what you want to do then you should do it. Good luck

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I am also getting married on a Memorial Day weekend and have not seen any increase in prices from the vendors that I have booked. If anything the vendors go more quickly on a holiday weekend that I've seen. I think you should ask around to the vendors that you want to use to see what the differences are in them specifically. But overall I haven't had any issues with booking vendors or anything like that.

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I"m getting married Presidents weekend and I saw nothing wrong with a 3-day weekend. We picked Friday evening to help us with the cost of venue. It's cheaper Friday or Sunday and just think..your guest will have an extra day to recover and not have to worry about going into work. I opt for a holiday reason too cause it'll help lower my guest count..since either people will have vacations planned or they could make a vacation around it. Otherwise I see nothing wrong with having it on ANY holiday. And since you're getting married on memorial day you COULD incorporate some type of memorial service during your ceremony if you want and it's something close to you both. Otherwise I think you'll be fine. Good luck!

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I'm getting married this labor day weekend coming up, the only difference being is that we are having our wedding on friday, its perfect because people who want to make plans still have saturday sunday and monday to do it, have you considered doing it on a friday night of a long weekend? It actually comes out cheaper if you do it on a friday or sunday, my banquet hall was about ten dollars cheaper per person just by doing it on a friday
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As an officiant, I find the holiday weekends are the first to fill up on my calendar. I think it is a great way to help out those who have to travel. You won't find discounts, but all vendors are open, because it is so popular. I would think your November wedding is better for discounts. I know I give a lower price for November through March

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We have set our wedding for May 29, 2010, which is the Saturday of memorial day weekend. I haven't had any problems with vendors. My photographer said he had one other inquiry for our date, but I haven't had any problems yet. My family doesn't do anything over Memorial day usually and I spoke to FMIL about it. They don't have any traditions, and no one is a big Indy 500 fan so we are in good shape. Most of FH's family will be coming from 3-4 hours away so I thought the long weekend would be good for travel. So far everyone has agreed and been supportive. We'll see what happens as we get closer though. All I can say is the same as so many others say--it's your day, do what makes you happy. Best of luck!!!

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For my family this is a bad weekend. The reason is in my profile picture. His Birthday is in late may and Fh doesn't want the wedding between My FMIL and our sons birthday.
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I usually suggest staying away from holiday weekends... although it's nice to have the 3-4 day weekend, think of everyone else that is traveling at that time... hotel costs go up, airfare goes up... It just gets expensive and crowded... I'm not just talking about your honeymoon either.. I'm talking about the next 50 years of anniversaries.

And like a few here have said, people really like to be with their families on holidays..

But otherwise, it's great...

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I think it's a bad idea since it will sky rocket your costs.
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Personally, my daughter got married over a Labor Day weekend. She had a great turnout and saved a bundle on the reception. From an Officiant's point of view--holiday weekends are busy! Memorial Day weekend usually fills first, followed by Labor Day weekend. Lots of people are off of work and willing to travel, if necessary. I really see no negative side other than a few of your guests might have other plans in the works. Send out your "save the date" information and you should be good to go!

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I'm getting married Sunday, May 30... I haven't had any complaints about the date so far. (Except for my mom, who is looking for excuses... so she doesn't count) My friends & family don't usually make a big deal of Memorial Day, they're just glad to have the Monday off. I had some concerns about that weekend at first, but it was an Aunt of mine that convinced me to choose it. She pointed out that most people would have Memorial Day off work, which is convenient since everyone in my family would need to travel.

I've booked the venue and the officiant, no problems with availability there. My MIL is taking care of the flowers... a friend of hers is doing them. I don't think she's booked up yet. We're doing so many other things ourselves that we won't be using a lot of other vendors, but I would suggest booking all of your vendors well in advance if you choose a holiday weekend.

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I'm getting married on Memorial Day weekend also. I nor my family or friends see this as a problem,if anything they are happy about it because they have a longer weekend (ecspeciall for the ones coming from out of state) I have not had any prices for anything go up just because it was a holiday weekend.


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Hi Ny2Nj, congratulations on your engagement! I am a vendor and am willing to work on Memorial Day and most holidays thru out the year and I will not be increasing my fees. Most of the vendors I associate with are also willing to work holidays.

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GREAT Idea! You can have it on the Sunday and get the Sunday rates (even cheaper than friday) and you still have monday to recover! If you have a lot of out of town guest... no good! But if everyone is local awesome and cheap idea!
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