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So a friend of mine is getting married and she came up with this saying for her wedding "the perfect pear" and her color is a pear green.... is there any where that you can find these? because i am having a hard time coming up with mine!

our wedding is in an old civil war field,
with an 1800 western theme
and our base color is yellow

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Off the top of my head, I'm thinking of John Wayne calling everyone "Pardner" (old west talk for partner)


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Hello! I am a wedding favors and decor vendor and we have several "perfect pear" wedding favors and accessories such as "Perfect Pair" Ribbon and Perfect Pair Wish Cards that may work well with your friend's decor.

For the western theme, we have over 30 items that might work with your decor including "Roped into Love" Place Cards, a western themed cake topper, and even horseshoe charms that might work well the the yellow base color.

If there's anything else specific that I can help you with to create your theme, please feel free to contact me. Congratulations and best wishes!

Ericka Dudley
Ever After Celebrations


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That's a cool slogan. Choose a pear that looks nice up-close, so if your photog takes a detail shot, then it will still look good. Here is an example of a photo I took. This couple decided to say "the perfect pair" since its on a pear.


Perfect Planner

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I sell Perfect Pair favors as well:

Some are cute and some are more elegant. With the western theme, I would go for the cute ones as opposed to the more elegant ones.

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are you saying you are looking for a wedding theme logo?

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Ericka, I love your cake toppers! What a terrific website!

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