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I'm having a very difficult time finding the right font for the wedding invitations. We want something masculine but not so boring that it looks sterile.


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It may take some searching to find a good one, but has a ton of free downloadable fonts.

I briefly looked through MS Word and I liked Trajan Pro -- it's pretty basic but is in all caps. It may be good for the details or as a supplementary font.
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If you're ordering your invitations from a stationer, ask what s/he has available that would be suitable.

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We are not ordering them. I got 90 invitations for 22 cents. They were on penny clearance at Michael's. I could not resist.

So, I've got to pic out a font and either have them printed or print them myself.

Thanks for the font website, I'll definitely take a look at it.

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Fonts are tough. I used Bodoni MT Condensed for mine. I think it looks classy and clean, and it also probably looks a little masculine. I used the brides invitation kit and printed my own, as well! Good luck and congrats!

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I had a field day downloading fonts. These might work for you:

Bird Cherry
Dasseldorf (we used this one for our invites w/ Scriptina. Scriptina is super loopy)

This was recently on Pinterest.

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On DaFont check to make sure your punctuation works. some of the fonts don't have things like ':.; & etc. and you u end up with boxes or they turn to courier fonts.

Also if you are making your invite using illustrator or photoshop make sure when you are done you flatten it, or select all convert type to outlines. (but only after you need no more editing) Some fonts will not let you print them however if flattened into the pic are tricked into becomming photos, or drawings instead of fonts :) good luck,

finding fonts is frustrating but fun.

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you could also try looking for graphic design forums, or looking for a student who is designing for class.

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Here's our invite - I wasn't going for masculine but I didn't want anything too flowery either. We used:


Indenture English Penman - kind of a PITA as some things had to be resized but it was worth it - might be too flowery for you? IDK.

I basically just saw a similar combination in an ad from a very schmancy stationer in a Martha Stewart magazine and then we sort of copied it. Shh. :)

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Great bargain! I can't suggest a font because I am into flowy, but I love your invites and love the bargain even more. : )

Good luck!

Kris....I am so telling my bestie, Martha!

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We did Edwardian script for our names and Garamond for the rest. It was very classy looking.

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Carole I KNEW you were a secret Martha lover. Dang you! lol.

Alec I somehow did not even see your invites. Love that color and the border/flap design! Good bargain hunting.

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The funny thing is that I got to the register thinking they would be 20% or 30% off the original $40. When she told me they were on "penny clearance" and I got 60 invitations for 2 cents... my face was priceless. Went to another Michael's in Charlotte to try to find one more box of them... luckily found one box. That store didn't do "penny clearance" but sold them to me for 20 cents. So, 90 invitations for 22 cents... LOL.
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