Wedding Flowers From Walmart or The Grocery Store?
Has anyone bought their flowers from Walmart or the grocery store? I mean, Walmart sells flower for cheap, and I don't see why people don't harvest those flowers up, and put them in vases or put some green tape on them. Heck, you could make bouquets out of them too.

You can get a dozen roses from them for $7-$10. Ya know, the flowers that your fiance buys you? We could just use them!

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I bought mine from schnucks... I got them 3 days before the wedding and they looked amazing for 2 weeks after the wedding! I was absolutely impressed!

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I work for a grocery store and they are designing my flowers. Depending on the store they may actually have certified floral designers on site who can answer any questions you have. I don't think walmart has staff for that

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Well, what I am talking about is just buying the flowers they put out there everyday for husbands to give to their wives. Why can't you just use those? They are so much cheaper.
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If rose heads are firm/hard they are good, if they are mushy they are bad. Just a tip when buying so you know the freshest ones.

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my best friend did for her wedding. we were up till 5AM the morning of her wedding doing centerpieces.

I do plan on buying out costco of roses though before my vday wedding

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Why not . they sell prepackaged bouquets if you found one in your style or even two rearranged them yourself to give the look you are looking for, cut the stems even and then tie around it could give the same effect. Or even just buy the loose flowers and arrange then your self . Honestly the mark up on flowers is crazy and take in to consideration the cost they charge for labour and that's the bulk of it.

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Don't see why not.

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If you have time to work on them right before the wedding, then go for it. Unfortunately, I won't so I'm paying the markup for a florist to do it.

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This is actually a good idea. If I knew how to put flower arrangements together myself I would have done this. I love the flowers from giant. FH always buys me bouquet of roses everynow and then. if only I was more artistic

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Hot chocolate: It's really not that hard. You should YouTube it. Arranging flowers is quite simple.
I'm asking ladies because I'm not sure if I will be able to keep flowers "cool" from Sam's Club, and you have to put them in tubs of water... But with flowers from Walmart and Giant and Food Lion you can just put them in the vases and they bloom on there own. It's simple and cheap.

I could go around to all the Walmart's and Grocery stores trying to find the right flowers because I can deal with having roses and carnations.

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There are many people in my area that use our supermarket chain for wedding flowers. They are actually well known for doing outstanding work at a good price. If I wasn't using the florist that I am with, I probably would have used them as well.

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My mom did my bouquets out of silk flowers. She did them hand-tied style and I LOVED them. And the best part is I can keep them forever.

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Pretty sure some of my centerpieces will be from costco

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I've deff thought about this also! My fiancé bought me $150 flowers for our anniversary once and they died in a couple days. The ones he buys me once a month from stop and shop last 2-2 1/2 weeks!!

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I am getting my flowers from whole foods. they have great flowers. and the prices are pretty cheap. for my flowers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, groom, 10 centerpieces,and all the little extra thing im doing it for 190. im using tulips( which are in season for my month so that make it cheaper, and babys breath) . i went to a "normal" florist and asked for the same thing and was quoted something so pricey that i wont on here.

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My cousin got hers from Sam's club. They actually let her order in bulk and kept them in the back for her, so they hadn't been touched or picked over. If I decide to have some real flowers, I will go that route. No shame here!

You peeked my curiosity. I checked their website and they have a bulk flower link. Not sure if you have a Sam's near you, but it's a good deal!
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Flowers are so overpriced at florists. My original plan was to do what I suggest and by flowers from the local grocery store and make bouquets myself. I also found online websites that sold bulk flowers. Bunchesdirect where I ended up ordering my flowers from also has bouquets n stuff u can choose from I ended up doing that cause I didn't want to be tied down the night before woth flowers.and still ony spent about $200 on flowers But I say go for it. Is anyone gonna be paying attention to the flowers anyways.

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I used HEB, a grocery store in TX for my daughter's wedding and they were cheap ($45 or so for the bridal bouquet) and it was beautiful.

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They are inexpensive and you can actually order from sams delivered free for same prices as walmart. I would worry about how fresh they are sitting in store so you;d have to buy day before or have delivered!
Also I found an awesome pinterest site I am using it for everything lol!
Post pics when you do them!

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