Wedding flowers for under $1000?
I'm trying to figure out what I should do. I need to pick out my wedding flowers and make sure they come in under $1000. My wedding is in June in Virginia (Central). I just don't want to use gerber daisies. Can and how can I do 4 bouquets, 1 bridal bouquet, 6 bouteniers, 2 coursages, and about 10 centerpieces. I don't want it to look cheesy or "sad."

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I would contact some florists in the area and see what they suggest. Depending on what you consider to be central va, you should get some decent prices compared to other parts of the state. You can also get some ideas from a florist and then order the flowers online and make the arrangements yourself.

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We're ordering our ceremony flowers (bouquets,bouts, corsages) from a florist. We're using fake flowers for our reception centerpieces to save money. Michaels does custom arrangements, but we found beautiful non-custom flowers from Hobby Lobby (see pic)

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Believe it or not, I only spent $200 on my wedding flowers and they were fantastic. I actually ordered them through my local grocer's floral department. I wrote about it here if you're interested in all the specifics:

Of course, the trade off for saving money is doing more work yourself, so it all depends on how you feel about doing that.

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forgot to attach pic

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I am spending $800 for centerpieces, brides bouquet, 2 bridesmaid bouquets, 7 bouts, 3 corsages, heavy dusting of rose petals on the aisle, cake flowers and a chuppa. My flowers are peonies, ranunculus, yvies Piaget, spray roses and cushion mums. I was able to decrease the cost of flowers by using a nice metal/glass lantern for the centerpiece and just adding a lot of candles. My goal is for the reception to feel, romantic, but simple/elegant. Good luck!

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We're also working with the floral department at a local independent grocer. Their florist has many years experience working with other companies but was able to give us much more competitive pricing. (I'm not a DIY-er at all, so I'm glad for her expertise!) Using seasonal flowers will also help you control the cost.

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You can also contact rental companies, sometimes you can rent centerpieces for cheap. In california here, I use a Photographer that does AMAZING things with Silk Flowers, and rents them out.

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Their is a wholesale flower store in MD. So you should be able to get it cheaper. I would suggest to use very limited flowers on the tables like carnations are great and they do not die fast with some roses. Carnations are cheaper and use many candels etc on the tables. Or also I seen bridesmaids walking down with a single rose or lilly and your bouqet can be huge. You have to decide what you want to cut and where you want to cut it at.

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We're doing our own centerpieces from farmers markets and saving a bundle! And in June there is going to be plenty in bloom, BUT I recommend scoping things out as soon as most Farmer's Markets start in May to talk to vendors and see what they'll have. We're doing very full, floral centerpieces for $10/piece vs. the $65 - $90 that was quoted per piece in the store.

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have you thought about making them yourselves??? now granted these were for a work banquet and I made 25 of them in 1 hour... they are quick and cheap... could be made way cuter if you took time you know... I paid $100 for the vases and $100 for the flowers and rafia and ribbon.

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oh and we placed little tea lights at the bases of them... just be careful rafia is flammable!
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You should not have any trouble finding a florist that can stay in your budget!!! Talk to several florists. Be up front with what your budget is and that you don;t want anything cheesy. They'll work with you. Don't worry. It can be done:-)
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@ Shauna Love the idea, you could also use battery operated tea lights!

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sylver... that would be MUCH safer hahaha why didn't I think of that! hahaha... wow it was bad


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Hydrangeas would be beautiful! They bloom in a myriad of great colors and petal sizes(there are even some that are 'double bloom' varieties and they are just gorgeous!). And they're a mounding floral so you can literally cut them from the plant and walk down the aisle or you can mix them with larger flowers like lilies(another spring through summer blooming flower) to create various color schemes and add levels of textures!
We've used them a lot for centerpieces too!

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We're spending $500 for 14 centerpieces, bouquets etc. It's DIY from the flower mart, and it looks very nice. Dressing up the centerpieces with ribbon and a favorite love poem on a printed card with the invite design as background (we both like love poetry...and put a poem on our invitation as well). Hope that helps!


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Renting beautiful non-floral centerpieces is a great option. You can usually get high-quality, expensive looking centerpieces for a fraction of the price of flowers.

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You might also want to look at using all the bouquets as centerpieces at the reception, perhaps alternating them with nonfloral centerpieces.

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Consider only fully decorating half of your reception tables. I agree with using the attendant bouquets as your reception decoration. You can also consider using a cluster of fun and casual photographs of you and the SO in various sizes as a cute, quirky centerpiece. Add some votives and petals. Just get as creative as you want!
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