Wedding Dress on Plane
If you need to bring your wedding dress on the plane, how would you go about doing that? Would you have it checked or board with you? Any ideas would help?

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I am planning on shipping mine early. It will likely get wrinkled in a garment bag if they let you bring it on the plane or even in baggage, and there is a chance it could get lost in baggage too. Unlikley, but better safe than sorry.

The hotel will likely have a concierge you can ship it to. You might be able to instruct them to have it sent out to be pressed and waiting for you in your room when you arrive.

If you need to bring it with you, I would contact the airline directly and ask if they have any special accommodations for a wedding gown, I am sure they have heard it before.

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I was a paranoid wreck about my dress making it to Las Vegas from Michigan! We flew Continental Airlines with connecting flight-1st flight was SMALL plane! A lot of people told me to ship my dress, but I didn't trust the hotel and I didn't know anyone in Las Vegas to ship it I took my chances and bought a gown bag that is the exact bag I bought. Make sure it is your CARRY ON! DO NOT CHECK IT! (You can have a purse too-I had a tote bag with my purse inside) My fiance had our wedding shoes, our wedding paperwork, neccessities in his one carry on. If someone is traveling with you they need to take your fiance's tux as their carry on-if not-put his tux in with your dress in your gown bag. In small plane I had to REALLY fold the bag in half and then half again to go in overhead, then they'll have closet in bigger planes. As SOON as you get to hotel take gown out of bag and wrinkles will fall out! =D

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I carried my dress on the plane.

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I am carrying my dresses on board. Sometimes there is a closet on the plane to hang things, but usually you have to put it in the overhead bin.

Dawn, I like that gown bag you used.

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I plan on carry my dress on the plane. I also like the bag you bought. I might by one.
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