i got the dress already and even with 5inch heels it still 2-3inch long. idk what to do..went to diff. seamstres but they said my dress is complicated do to diff layers/ruffles/beading. and it will cost me a lot of money to get altered. does anyone else had a dress that is too long but manage to walk down the aisle? or what did you do to solved the prob? pls help...

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Hayley C™
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High heels and a very pouffy slip. The crinoline should help push the dress out instead of down to use up some of the length.

But I would have just paid to hem it. If you decide to take your heels off you run into a big risk of stepping on your dress and tripping yourself or ripping the dress.

Good luck

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hi thanks for the reply. seamstress told me that its diff to hem my dress plus it would cost me another 300 just to get it hem. bcuz my dress is ruffles/layers....u think 2inch long would be fine?? or it just too long?

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We're hemming my dress, because at 4'11'', there's just no way I can walk with it being 2 inches too long. My seamstress (who happens to be my future MIL) also suggested the extra crinoline to offset the length. But I don't want more puff. Have you tried actually walking around with the heels and the dress? That's what helped me make a decision. I've spent 2 days a week for the past 3 weeks with my future MIL doing alterations on my dress, and it IS a very complicated process to make even 'simple' alterations...I now know why they end up costing so much. It's a LOT of work.

Hayley C™
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I'm guessing your dress doesn't have a distinctive waist line. They could have taken the 2 inches off from there to shorten the dress if it already had a seam there.

Do you have a crinoline slip under the dress yet?

And yes, 2 - 3 inches will make it difficult to walk in. And when your feet get tired and you take the 5 inch heels off, 7 inches is WAY too long to be walking around in. You will be holding up the dress the whole time while walking around. Have you Tried walking in it yet? You want to be able to look graceful when walking down the aisle. Again, I would hate to see you trip. When it is too long and dragging it gets pushed towards your feet while you are walking because it is rubbing/catching the floor.

Design a Day

Design a Day
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Really sorry to hear about the problem you are having about the length of the dress. Your wedding is just around the corner and feeling comfortable in your bridal gown is very important to keeping down your stress levels so that you may have the best time at your wedding. Have you thought about approaching the place you bought it from and explaining to them that you overlooked the length and could they possibly exchange it for one that is the correct length? Make it clear to them that even with five inch heels it is still two to three inches long and you do not feel safe with it like this. They will then understand that this needs immediate sorting out. It is also important to them know that you have budget restrictions, and in your excitement you overlooked the length and are really worried about your safety. Let them know that you love the dress but would not like to take the chance of tripping and injuring yourself. Consider removing a layer or llifting with the ruffels.
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^^Such a dream world answer. If the dress you ordered was not the size you ordered that is one thing, but from what the OP has said it doesn't sound like that was the case. You could try this, but I highly doubt they will do all of the above stated.

Try the crinoline, otherwise the only other option is to get it hemmed. Can you post a pic of your dress? If there is not all over beading, have you considered having a layer(s) removed from the bottom? Have you shopped around for better prices?

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Have you tried a few different seamstresses? As complicated as the dress may be, $300 sounds a lot for hemming.

Unless you're constantly holding the dress, there's no way of waking in something that is 2-3" too long without tripping.

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My dress was about 2" too long unhemmed (yep I'm a giant) and I'm adding a full petticoat to add fullness to the skirt, which actually makes the dress sit just slightly off the ground, since my ceremony is on grass that makes me quite happy. Before the petticoat was added though I couldn't walk around without lifting up the dress. So in summary a petticoat will eat up the 2" but then you are stuck with a very full skirt and there's no way you will be able to walk in it when/if you take off your heels. Keep looking for quotes and also consider just having the waist line raised if that's an option.

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i am afraid you are just going to have to suck it up and have it altered appropriately. as a recently married bride -- i can ASSURE you do not want to have to worry about tripping / getting your shoes stuck in your layers etc etc.... the dress should "float just above the ground" -- believe me, i completely understand about costly alterations -- mine were $750 WITH a DISCOUNT.... when i left new york with the dress it was absolutely the perfect length (3 fittings). my last fitting was one week before the wedding.... well, i ended up losing another 5 pounds the week of the wedding and when i put my dress on, it was now a bit long -- and i had to learn how to walk in it all over again to avoid tripping. trust - just get it altered - it will be worth it.

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Everyone has to get their dress altered, it's unfortunately the nature of wedding dresses. Fortunately for me, my mother is a good seamstress so she is going to alter mine. But dress are always cut for someone 5'10. She you have budget for alterations.

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thanks guys for all the reply. i guess my last choice is to get it hem but it just that thinking of spending another 300 dollars just to get a hem makes me think twice the fact the dress cost me almost 1100 already. heres the pic of my dress..anyone got the same dress at alfred angelo...they dont have return or exchange policy.

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OMG I tried that dress on and it's beautiful (I was too fat for it though lol). My sister in law got her dress at Alfred Angelo and their alterations are WAY overpriced. Check your local drycleaners etc. Most do alterations. Have you called your local david's bridal? I don't know if they accept outside alterations but it's worth a try. I think they charge $75 for a hem. Is worth a shot.

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my seamstress was just going to add a little more puff to it so I would walk on it.. but I did find heels high enough that i wouldn't kill myself walking in

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There is no way to hem it from where the bodice meets the skirt (even though it is an asymmetrical line)? Also, there is no way to shorten the dress by taking up the dress from under one of the higher ruffle layers?

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if you get quotes on the alterations -- be sure you clarify how many layers.... most tailors / seamstresses will charge you by the layer... belive me i learned the hard way on that one!

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have you tried the extra crinoline like others have suggested?

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If you want to save some money don't go to the "namebrand alteration people" like ones from the dress stores. Try the yellow pages. I found a nice lady that works out of her house and does beautiful alterations, I also know a sweet little Asian lady that charges next to nothing but does excellent work. Or as Krysten said check with dry cleaners....alot of them to alterations. There are so many more options out there then the dress store alterations.

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My dress was REALLY long too. I ended up getting 5 inch heals, like you, and the absolute most poofy slip I could possibly find.

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Look around for other seamstress' 300 is way to much for a hem if you weree having it taken in and hemmed maybe. look at Yelp for some one with a good rating and reasonable price

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yeah alfred angelo alteration was overpriced and i did went to diff. seamstress but all of them said that my dress is way too complicated to get it hem cuz of the beadings n layers...i guess like everyone suggested i will try to get a poofy slip. i should of thought about it before buying the one at alfred angelo slip got the 108slip...thanks everyone
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