Wedding Day Schedule of Events....
let me know if I'm missing something or cutting my time too close! thanks!

8-9 AM Wake up; Breakfast
9-10 AM Last minute preparations
10:30 - 12:00 PM Brides Hair & Makeup
11:00 - 12:30 PM BMs Hair and Makeup
1:00 PM Leave for Venue
2:00 PM Check in at hotel
2-2:30 PM Late Lunch
2:30 PM Boys Arrive at hotel
3:00 PM Photographers arrive

3 - 4:00 PM Photos of BP seperately

3:30 PM Flowers Arrive for photos

4 - 4:30 PM Brides Dress and Accessories

4:45 PM Jen & Adam hold hands

5:00 PM cake arrives (florist decorates)

5:00 PM DJ begins pre-music

5:20 PM The boys ride up in their motorcycles and mingle

5:00 PM Jens dad arrives and picks up girls to barn

5:25 PM Jen arrives at red barn
walk to garden

5:30 PM Ceremony begins

6:00 PM End of Ceremony Cocktail hour begins

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6 - 6:15 PM Private moment of B&G with photographer
6:15- 7:00 PM Photo Session
7:05 PM Introduce Jen and Adam as couple
7:10 PM Dinner Begins
7:20 PM Speeches
7:45 PM End Dinner move downstairs
8:00 PM First Dance
8:05 PM Father Daughter Dance
8:10 PM Mother Son Dance
8 - 10 PM Dancing/Socializing
8:30 PM Cake Cutting
9:00 PM Photographers leave
10:00 PM Takedown

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Sounds like a plan to me, but I personally plan to be the last to get hair and makeup done so it's the freshest. And while your getting dolled up have your BMs get whatever else you need done at home done. Leave some things for them to do and you should know brides 'maids' :) Are you doing garter or bouquet toss?

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looks good I'm not even close to figuring all that out yet!! @Robin I LOVE your STD's absolutely adorable!

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Robin...ohhh good point on my hair! I will switch that around. toss or garter. :-) but you did remind me to add my anniversary dance in. thanks!

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agree with Robin, you should be last to get H&MU done... really, the closer to the ceremony time is best. also, i would check with the hotel's manager... see what they can do about early check-in. the other thing that kind of bothers me... 25 minutes for dinner. what if your guests want to talk to each other... that will only lengthen the time. for example, a wedding DH & I went to last year, we were sat at a table in which we knew no one but talked to them all. we got our salad & the servers were taking them away before we even had 3 bites. just a thought.

at our wedding i made sure our guests had at least 45 minutes to eat, mainly because both sides are talkers & they hadn't seen each other in years. i know it seems like a long time but when you're talking to family, time flies. please don't take offense.
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on no!!!! thanks Binx! I needed to hear this! I didnt even realize that I alotted a measily 25 minutes for dinner. Ugh....thanks! I will rework that part, too. thank you!!!

I sent an email to my hotel manager and ask about early checkin...waiting to hear from them.

thank you!

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@ Victoria Thank You! I couldn't believe I found them, I was looking for about 2 months because I wanted antiquish and alice in wonderland with a photo and unless I had them custom made $$$$ it wouldn't happen until I dicovered My new favorite website..besides WW. The designer had the template, I changed a few things..added the rabbit..etc and viola! Most proud of these so far for the wedding.

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That's a great plan. I didn't start mine with a wake up type. Mine is order of events
Beginning with the ceremony.

Oh So
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Looks great. Glad you did this. Now I have an idea of what mine should go like or look like. I get married the day after you! :) lol

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Awesome! Very helpful. :-)
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