Wedding Day Photo Schedule?
I’m old fashion and don’t want the groom to see me until I walk down the aisle. I thought about having the groom, his family and wedding party take their pictures at 12:30 pm, since my wedding starts at 2:00 pm. I’m trying to decide if I should take my pictures around 11:00 am so that when the wedding is over we can leave and not have to take anymore pictures until the reception or take them after the wedding and push the reception time back.

How are you going to do your photo schedule on the day of the wedding?

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We are being traditional and not taking any together photos before also. I've talked to our photographer about it and it will go something like this.... Starting around 1:30 pm
Bride with BMs
Bride with GM
Groom with GM
Groom with BMs
Ceremony at 4:00
We'll do all the ones with family and the RB and FG after the ceremony. And our reception I'm planning on starting around 5:30-6:00 depending on what photog says.
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As a photographer, I submit a schedule to my clients and have them approve the timeline. I would start at 11am if possible, you will still have to take some time after the ceremony to do photos of the two of you and group photos involving both of you.

Make a list of all of the groups that you want done and figure about 5 minutes per group. That should give you an idea of how much time to allow. PS- always allow for, "I can't find Uncle So and So, someone go find him" time!

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The photographer I'm looking at for wedding pictures is actually a husband/wife business. So... here goes...

9:00-11:00 One photographer taking pictures of bride getting ready and one taking pictures or grom getting ready. Then after everyones ready, one taking pictures of just the groom and/or his groomsmen. And one taking pictures of the bride and/or bridesmaids.
11:00-11:30 One at the reception site taking pictures of the venue and one at the ceremony site taking pictures of venue and people coming in.
11:30-12:00- Both photographers at ceremony
12:00-12:45ish- Both taking pictures of families, of B&G together, etc...
12:45-end of reception- Both taking pictures of reception.

Cesar Cabrera Photography

Cesar Cabrera Photography
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the big question is, do you have one or two photographers for that day? If you have two, they can split up, and do your photos and the groom's at the same time. Otherwise, if you have only one photographer, then the logistics are a bit different.

One thing that I usually see, is that if only photographer is there, it is better to work with the groom, GMs, groom's family; and then work with the bride, BMs, and bride's family. The main reason being that the ladies usually take much longer to get ready, and the groom must make it to the venue before the bride.

Also, if you and FS will get ready nearby, I would go early and take some early morning photos of you, go to the groom's location and take his photos, and then head back to you and continue until about 40 minutes before you are scheduled to leave for the ceremony, to allow time to photograph the venue and its details, as well as the groom waiting for you.

Hope this helps,


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Wow you ladies have this all down!!! I have to take notes!!

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I was thinking I'd be getting my hair done earlier in the morning--maybe 9:30 or 10:00 (photographer can come along, though I don't know if that makes for any good shots), make-up after that, and then lunch break before getting into dress (feed photographers as well)...second shooter can either go to take pictures of guys getting ready or can double up on the women getting ready pictures.

I was assuming pictures at the venue starting at 12:30ish. We're not doing any shots of the two of us before hand, so you figure that they'll probably run 3-3:30ish. But that's guesswork. My photographer's obviously the better source than me! :-)

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There is only one photographer. I only want to have the group shots after the wedding. I was thinking that if my bridesmaids and myself took our photos at 11am it would be much easier. However, we have to have lunch...I know who can think of food at a time like this...but I have to eat or I'll pass out.

So, my photographer is willing to work with the time. He just wants to know what time will I be at the church. I'm going to get ready at the church. The groom, his family, and groomsmen are suppose to arrive at 12:30 to take pictures. The weddin starts at 2pm.

So, I'm still don't know what to do...take my pictures at 11 am or wait until after the ceremony and take my pictures.
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