wedding day hair schedule ...
I received my hair & make up proposal today and it had all the times for my party & i .. my ceremony is at 2 pm, and they have me getting my hair & makeup done first, starting at 8:30am!! Does the bride usually go first?

My hair is kind of thick, and im worried my updo will be falling out by the ceremony if i get it done that early .. the last girl is getting hers done at 11:30 .. do you think it would be a good idea to switch with her? or is that too late?

how much time is between your hair/makeup appt and your ceremony?

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Wow 0830!! That is so early, I guess the same person is doing everyone's hair?? I personally don't think 1130 is too late and I think I would rather switch the times slots with her in order to go later. I don't yet know what the time schedule will be since our wedding is late October.

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I'm the only one getting hair/makeup done but I don't know what time they will start (our wedding starts at 4pm)

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Iwould trade her. 8:30 seems a little early ... I think 11:30 will be fine.

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My Hair is really thick and I always had my hair done like 3-5 hours before a dance.. and even at the end of the night my hair still held up.. just depends on if the person doing your hair knows what they are doing or not!

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My sister-in-law had her hair done first, since it would be a bigger deal if there was no time for hers than for a bridesmaid. Unfortunately, I've known several people who had their hair stylists show up late. I'd say have yours done earlier than later. It shouldn't fall out if they're doing it right!

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our ceremony starts at of right now, only me and mom and sister are getting our hair done somewhere. my stylist is starting us at 11, as we're not doing updo's, more just a more intricate style, and i'm slated for 1230, and i'm last. that way, it doesn't fall down, and also, i'll be done by 1:15, and it'll give me a 90 minutes to get dressed. the house we're dressing at, the salon, and the park, are all in a 5 mile total radius. so we aren't going to totally different ends of town either. so, we can leave moh's after dressing, and be at the park in less than 10 minutes. with traffic lol...and the guys, are dressing the kids, so we have no worries with that, so it's just 3 bridal party, and 2 parents dressing, so no big deal on clothing, with it being a "cute park wedding" lmao

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I have very thick long hair- half way down my back. Last night i had a trial run done... went out to a few bars and danced. i purposely did this as a test and as a bonus it was also raining on and off all night, so some moisture got on it. My hair was fine a few strands came down in the very back. i was worried cause all it had holding it was a million bobby pins and hair spray. If you have a quality hair stylist you should not have a problem, plus most places will do a trial run. Do what i did, get it done then go out and test it. My biggest issue was the weight, putting most of my hair up makes it feel heavier than normal (I am sure all the bobby pins did not help).

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You will WANT it to be done first. It seems early but, your wedding day will FLY past you. Everyone will be looking for you and to you on that day, so youll want to look your best and tackle things as they come. Your stylist should use more bobbby/hair pins than you can count and having extra spray w/ you isnt a bad idea. If you wereto have it done at 113o and werent happy with it, there would be NO time to change it. Also The best creative juices are used up first! :>) And to Brooklynne~just a suggestion: have your stylist consider small ponytails, it will help distribute the weight of the updo to a particular point before placing the pins (and should help cushion your head from the pins pressing into your head. :>)

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I say stick with your time. A quality hair stylist will do it in a way that it will not fall down until you take it down :) Plus, you won't have to worry about your hair being done or not for the rest of the day, and you can relax and enjoy hanging out with your BMs.

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Well, I know that I'm the very last out of 7 people to get my hair done. My stylist said that it's best to have the bride go last so that her hair looks the freshest for the pictures. My wedding is at 4:00 and I'm getting my hair done at 10:30. But if your wedding is at 2:00, then 8:30 should be fine. Your stylist will know best. If you're having any doubts, give her a call and let her know about your concerns. Another thing to do is when you go in for your trial run for your hair, see how long it holds. If your hair is starting to fall out or doesn't look as good after about 5 hours, then you know you'll be in trouble.

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I think that they schedule the bride's hair first because they want to make sure there is enough time to tweak things until the bride is perfectly happy with it, which I think is a very good idea.
My hair appt is first, and then my bridesmaid's make up and then my make up goes after that. But my schedule is easy because there are only 2 of us girls.
8:30 am for a 2 pm ceremony is really early!! How many girls are in your wedding party?
I would say definitely ask to switch, but just make sure there is still enough time so you can have hair perfection and your beauty sleep at the same time :)

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It's my understanding the bride goes last so she is the freshest and most 'in place' but if it's only one lady doing all the hair, she probaly put you first so che can take the appropriate amount of time on you, even if it means rushing your ladies hair, I suggest looking into another hair dresser for the other girls, you don't want your hiar falling out and being rushed either..

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actually 830 is a good time to start. I wouldnt swich it, you can always do touch ups but if you end up not liking what was done @ 1130 you may not have time to fix it and will be stuck with it...

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I haven't figured out our schedule yet, but I'm going to go with what my stylist suggests, she's the expert and will recomend what's best. I also have thick hair, and actually thick hair will stay in place better than thin hair, so I don't think you have anything to worry about. Just make sure when you take your hair down you find all of the bobby pins, I'm sure there will be a million!

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youd be surprised jow long everything is gonna take. i think the time frame sounds about right. the night before, just get together some snacks, maybe some champagne and orange juice for mimosas, and some magazines so you girls dont get bored or starve! lol i know thats what im doing!

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If you have thick hair, it could take a while! If done professionally, your hair will stay put all day! Be generous with the hair spray :)!. As to makeup (wich is what I specialize in), it takes me 1 hour to do the bride if we do individual eyelash extensions and body sparkle, and 30 min. for everybody else. To set up my studio at bride's location also takes 30 min. Hair should be done first, especially if the stylist will be using curling iron. The heat from the curling iron can damage makeup. I prefer the bride be done somewhere 'in the middle", and after everybody's done I check on the bride to make sure she is "camera-ready". However, if you have a lot of hair, do the hair at 8:30 and then have your makeup done a bit later. Just a suggestion from a veteran!

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I forgot to mention that Devine2Be advise is GREAT! Mimosas are "a must" for the "morning of". This will be the time for you to relax and enjoy getting gorgeous around your best friends! Good luck!

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thank you so much all!

I've decided to go somewhere in the middle :)

and i'll definitely be taking the mimosa advice !!
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