Wedding Crossword -Need help with clues-
I'm doing a crossword instead of a wedding menu since we're having a buffet style banquet and I"ll do a stand up menu at the start of the line or place cards in front of the food. The crossword will be personalized based on our likes/dislikes, favorites, and little trivia about us. I am using an online crossword maker and will screenshot just the puzzle and use photoshop to make it match our theme. I'll probably print it off vistaprint too! My only concern is finding pencils that match our theme (preferably personalized & zebra), that don't require me to buy 500 at a time. Also, I can't think of good trivia questions.

Any ideas? So far I have...

Bride's favorite "color"- zebra
Groom's favorite team- cubs
Where they met- library

And I'm drawing a blank. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear them

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you might want to say "pattern" instead of "color" - I think that may be confusing for guests. Maybe favorite foods, Month you met, where your going on your honeymoon, favorite drinks, foods that make you gag, hmmm If i come up with more i'll let you know!

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Bride and groom's birth month?
If you have a pet - the pet's name.
Favorite fruit
Favorite vacation spot
Favorite car
Favorite sport

Just go off some more of your favorite things.

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They have pens that are black and white mixed patterns at Oriental Trading. Pencils would be best for the crossword puzzle, but I would think your guests would rather take home a pen.

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@Karlyn- that's why color is in quotations I figure if I put pattern that would be way to easy but FH agrees with you so that would probably change

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Where your first date was
Where you got engaged
How long you've dated
Where you're going on your honeymoon
Flavor of the wedding cake
Wedding month
Where you are from (if you guys weren't born in that area)
Your favorite flower

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How about including things from when you and FH were younger like....Childhood nicknames, instruments played in school band, or sports played in high school, first car, childhood pets..quirky things like that. You could include some old school pics on the border of you two.
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