wedding care package idea?
As some of you know, FBIL is currently in Afghanistan and will not be able to attend the wedding for obvious reasons. I just had this thought this morning. What if after the wedding we send him a wedding care package complete with napkins, a wedding favor, a guest page (which we are doing in place of a guest book and everyone gets their own page), a shot glass, photos, a cigar and maybe a few other things from the wedding. What do you think? Any thing else you think I should add? I just want to find some way to include him because I know he really wants to be there. We are still trying to figure out a way to skype the ceremony for him.

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maybe an extra garter?? I was even thinking that you could freeze a piece of cake then use a food saver and send that but not sure how long it takes for his mail to get there.. I know Germany gets it anywhere from 6 to 10 days for first class mail.. just an idea..

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That's a good idea too. They sometimes have special packaging for food stuff like that. Maybe I'll call my cake lady and see what she recommends.

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When my husband was there it only took about 2 weeks for things to reach him though they say it can take up to 6 weeks so definately talk to the baker. Maybe you could also put some photos in of the wedding and if you cant skype it to him have some record it specifically for him so you can all say a quick message too and you can burn the video to a disk and send it to him

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That's true Aussie. My uncle has a little mini cam recorder as a last resort. I just like the idea of skype because it would be like he's there without the 2 week mailing delay. I wish I had though of this sooner because than I would have made sure I had all of our napkins and stuff earlier so that we could have tried to mail it 2-3 weeks before the wedding and he could have had all the stuff right there with him. I just really miss him. He's going to make a great uncle someday. :)
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What about a CD with some of your wedding music? Maybe your processional & recessional songs, first dance, etc. He might enjoy "hearing" the wedding in addition to seeing the photos.

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This is super sweet! Wish I had a brilliant idea to share, but I think most of the good ones are taken. Still just wanted to comment and say what a great idea this is. He will really appreciate it!

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Thanks Anita! A CD is a GREAT idea!

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Where are you having your reception...if its at omeplace where you can go when he returns home such as a resturant you could include an iou dinner so he can go with you to the same place u were married and enjoy a meal

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pictures of the wedding, i like the cd idea. also like the idea of sending a piece of cake if thats possible. if it doesnt work... then itll make him smile anyway. lol. but i think youve got alot of fun ideas and hell love it!

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If you can't send a piece of wedding cake, there is a cake that my mother sends to my brother in Iraq all of the time and it's never failed to arrive and be even more scrumptious than when it was taken out of the oven. It's called a Wine Cake and it actually becomes more moist the longer it sits, so if it takes a few extra days to ship, it'll be just fine. If you're interested you can let me know and I'll send the recipe.
God Bless your FBIL and all of our other service men and women!
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