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Originally we were getting married on the beach. We are now getting married outside at the Rusty Pelican in Miami Fl however I still really want a bamboo wedding arch. I want one with four poles that can be draped with material. I really want one like the one on the following site

She is so talented but unfortunately she doesn't do weddings in Miami ;( Any suggestions would be very helpful!

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Have you thought about making one? I've seen the designs online and it looks very simple to do--just a few drill holes and screws.

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You might check at party rental stores--(places you'd rent a tent/tables from)... I know our local rental store has wedding arches... I'm not sure about bamboo, but its worth a try.

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Southerngirl I deff thought about making one but I live in DC and my FH lives in the UK so it would be too much of a hassle for us.

Jpeterson I searched all of the rental companies in Miami and cant find one like the one I really want but in the end I might have to just settle for what they have...I just hate settling lol

Thanks for your replies ladies!

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Scroll down toward bottom they have an arch...

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Thank you so much! You made my day :) I just tried calling them but they are closed. Lets pray I can afford the rental...although I must admit I really want it so I may splurge! lol


Beyond Floral
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If you have the time & want to save money, making it can be an easy thing to do. Make sure you stablize the bamboo in a container filled with concrete.

Check out this website if you want to purchase the bamboo stick:

Good Luck!

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Hi I'm new to the board and I too was interested in the same thing. So I just called and the guy had mentioned that he lowered his prices, so you may want to give him a call.

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Im also having my wedding at the Rusty Pelican but at the one in Tampa, FL. You may want to contact your rep first to see if they allow this type of addition. I know for the one here they have the gazeebo but wont allow any other structures only decorations to the gazeebo. Hopefully everything works out for you so that you get the ceremony of your dreams.

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I agree with the first post. We are making ours out of hickory and willow branches. It would be cheaper and if you have a house, you could use it in a garden with climbing flowers like roses.

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arouse00 a discount is a great thing :) thanks for the heads up!

Bridetobe GREAT point! I will deff check that out in advance!

Gersheida Im sure it will be beautiful! Im really a DIY bride but were having a destination wedding so its just not feasible for us!
Thanks ladies!

Tampa Personal Concierge
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I am a wedding coordinator and I have some fabulous florists that have stunning ones. Shoot me an email at and I will be happy to send you their names and if they can't get to Miami they know people who do...and the pricing isn't bad at all. I also have a picture of the one from a wedding I did up in Destin and one I did in Orlando. :)

-Jessica and Anita

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It sounds like it will be pretty. My FH is a genius when it comes to building things, so he is building our arbour for our ceremony. It is going to be beautiful I know it.

Flowers by Vivian Colls

Events By Vivian Colls
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Hi, i am a floral designer and definetly we have what you're looking for. So feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you. You can see in our storefront a wedding that we did at the Rusty Pelican. Our phone number is 305=772-6252. Best wishes,Vivian Colls

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Thanks FBVC but we've decided to get married in the DR :)

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If you have an arch or gazebo to rent I am getting married next Sunday December 20th - I would love to hear from you... 786-356-1896. Thanks Leila
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Want to rent a Bamboo Canopy or Arch in South Florida??

Arc De Belle, Miami
954 319 6126

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If you need an arch or plant rentals for your wedding check out my website at
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