wearing white rules???
Well not rules, but you get the idea... Most of us ladies would freak if there was another person in a white dress at our wedding. Or the thought of it now kinda is annoying. BUT when it comes to the guys, how does the wearing white follow this "don't wear white at someones wedding" stand? FS will be wearing white barong (filipino shirt) GM will wear a chocolate faded to ivory barong, my BMs will wear a chocolate long dress... and FS said he going to get his dad a white barong too... I DONT like the idea of it. any input ladies or gents??? I've warmed up to the idea of FS having his shine with a white barong and whatever Diva-ness he wants to do, but I'm not too warm with sharing that with anyone else... bridezilla much?

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I was at a wedding where all of the bridesmaids wore white. Generally guests are discouraged from wearing white to a wedding. But family isn't considered in the general "guests". It's not uncommon though for the father of the groom to dress very similarly to the groom.

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I think you're well within your rights to want to keep the white to you and hubby. Could FFIL wear a chocolate brown barong (without the fade to ivory)? or maybe a shade in between white and brown (medium brown)? I think ivory would clash with FS. There's nothing wrong with coordinating the parents with the bridal party, but they shouldn't *match* in my opinion.

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I was thinking Ivory is fine since thats our bridal color choc & ivory. and FS will have a bright white and Barongs usually come in ivory. I just didnt want it to be BRIGHT white

Weddings By Dani

Weddings By Dani
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More and more weddings are going with a color palate rather than two colors, especially when it comes to dress and attire. We have seen many family pictures where they are all in the same palate... it looks more "blended" and balanced with a few hues of the same general color. If your FFIL wore Ivory, it might clash in photos with just his parents. As suggested about, a tan or light brown would be an excellent alternative. Or a chocolate brown to set aside parents from bride and groom.
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I did a wedding where the bride asked everyone (men & women) to wear white or ivory. She arrived in a beautiful Italian ballgown that was hot pink, orange, yellow, looking like a sunset! She definitely stood out in the photos.

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I would suggest a light Chocolate brown that is between your FH's white and the groomsmens' chocolate colored barong. I find that darker barongs (some made with a more antique design) make Dads look more "distinguished".

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I would suggest whatever you are comfortable with. I was actually surprised at how many dressed in white at my wedding--- I think some people are just clueless and do not mean anything insensitive by it. I didn't care either way but I was surprised by it.

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*Date Twins*

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I feel the same way about the whole "do not wear white to a wedding'. I went to my coworkers wedding and her mother in law just waltzed in wearing a white outfit. I almost had a hissy fit! Lol I guess that's where tradition comes into play with me. I would ask if he would wear another color.

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We had a guy (the owner of our venue, actually) who wore a white shirt and a white kilt to our reception. Honestly, we didn't think anyone was going to confuse him with a bride.

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@2d... you crack me up... I'm sure that no one confused him as a bride.

@Miya. If you are up to it, would you mind finding a sample of color you are talking about, I'm assuming since you are filipino (right?) you will have more insight into my barong issue. Would it look off if I had him do Ivory barong with the chocolate undershirt???

I also need to tackle this dressing the part with my parents. I have no idea what I should suggest my dad wear, and my mom is kinda controlling and wont do anything for the benefit of others. So if she feels like wearing a white ball gown to my wedding she would do it just to spite me. Hopefully I can have my step dad handle her. eek!
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