Wear engagement ring at ceremony?
Ok, so i know this is probably a stupid question but i really dont know. Are you supposed to wear your engagement ring during the ceremony and then he puts the wedding band on, or does your maid of honor keep the engament ring and we get married with the band, then put the engagement on after?

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I don't know what you're "supposed" to do but I've seen it done both ways so I think it's personal preference. I took mine off for just the ceremony

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It's really up to you but I believe the norm is that you wear your ring, he puts the wedding band on and then after the ceremony you just switch them so the band is on the bottom.

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It's not a stupid question at all! Lots of girls don't know what to do with their engagement rings during the ceremony. Basically, there are three options:
1. Keep in where it is, put the band over it and switch later.
2. Switch your engagement ring to your right hand for the ceremony and then put it over the wedding band after.
3. Take it off completely, put it in a safe place and put it back on later.
I'm probably doing #1 or #2. It depends on whether my fingers are swollen. If they are, I won't be able to fit it on my right hand!

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I've never understood this. Why do you need to take your engagement ring off? And why do you need to switch them? I wear my wedding band on the outside and no one seems to think we're any less married!

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personally i would prefer to have the wedding band on the outside to protect the engagement ring aka the stone! it eliminates the switching it around business and seems more practical..just my opinion though

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I've seen brides wear their e ring on the right hand during the ceremony and then after FH muts on the sedding band then they also take the engagement ring and put it in place.

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@wowj, you can wear it however you like. Some people don't even wear it on their left ring finger.
It's just been known (I guess) that your wedding rings go on your left ring finger, and the wedding band goes closest to your heart.

I'm not sure what I will do yet, My E-ring band is really thick n I'm not sure if I can fit another band on my finger! lol =0(
But I might have them soldered together beforehand, thus eliminating the switcharoo. Still not sure though, if they're not soldered, I'll probably just give him both anyway, and he can put both on at the same time.

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See, it makes sense to me that he gave you the e-ring first, then the wedding band to complete his promise, so the e-ring goes first. But, that's why it doesn't really matter, now does it!

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Yup! It's all your personal preference! =0)
There's no right or wrong way.
And if anyone questions you, then you give them your reason and tell 'em to shove it ;0)
They probably wouldn't be able to tell you the other reason either!

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Oh, I totally see the other reason - that makes sense. But I think mine does, too! And besides, they don't have to wear my wedding rings, now do they!

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I'll just be taking my e-ring off. I'm not sure that both will fit easily and I don't know how we'd handle struggling to put on the band lol. Just eliminates that worry.

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Traditionally, the wedding band is worn closest to the heart. Because of this, most women slide their wedding band on first and then place the engagement ring on top of that but it is entirely up to you.
At the wedding, the groom will slide the wedding band on the bride's finger, and there can be a dilemma as to what to do with the engagement ring. Some women simply leave their rings on their fingers and switch the places of the rings later. Others wear their engagement rings on their right hand until after the ceremony. The choice is up to you and there are no clear engagement ring etiquette rules for most faiths.
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Some brides want to never take off their wedding band and want to be able to take off the engagement ring when doing messy working (gardening, making meatloaf, etc.). So that's a practical reason to have the wedding ring "closest to your heart."

If you're very worried about the engagement ring slipping off, you can get another band to match or complement the wedding band or engagement ring and put that second band on the outside (i.e., wedding band, engagement ring, ring guard).

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I honestly was thinking about having them soldered together before the wedding then just having both there in the ceremony... It will kill me to be without the e ring for a while before hand but Im gonna have to do it anyways... and Id rather not have to take off my e ring and band.

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I'm with Nancy--I take off my e-ring to go on long bike rides, lift weights, and sleep, but I sleep my wedding band on. It's just a very plain white gold band, so I don't worry about it getting caught on anything or messed up (plus, for some reason, it's a lot harder to get it OFF than to get my e-ring off, even though they're exactly the same size).

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Anyway, I put my e-ring on my right hand for the ceremony and then switched it back over later. It actually took me like two days to realize that they fit together a lot better if I turned the e-ring the opposite of the way I had been wearing it (heart-shaped ruby--used to wear it with the point in; now I wear it with the point out).

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i want to wear my e ring for the wedding, but because of the style i cant. the wedding ring snaps on the e ring and looks super ugly when its not together. so i will wear nothing but when he puts on my wedding ring ill get my e ring back!

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i think i might wear my e ring on my right hand because i actually have two e rings and for me it'll be easier to do it that way

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ok you can give it to your best man he should be the one holding your band then you can put the two together your wedding band and your e-band. that is how i am doing it hope that helps.
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