Walmart Wedding Cakes?
Anyone use walmart for their wedding cake? Was it good? I know it will vary per store but just wondering.

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Ashley C (formerly P)
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I work at a wal-mart supercenter. I didn't know they made wedding cakes?

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I'm actually a cake decorator at walmart. I've never done one since being there but I've seen another girl do it and she was awesome, the customers were crazy about it. Not all walmarts are great, obviously its walmart not exactally upscale. I'd suggest talking to the cake decorators first, make sure they're actually listening to what you want and write it down in detail! The main reason people are unhappy with our cakes is because someone wrote something down wrong or without enough detail! And pictures are our best friend if you don't want a design we have in our books. I'd be glad to answer any other questions you have!

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@ Ashley, we do quite often! (atleast at my super walmart) Of course they're smaller or if they're more than 2 tiers we need 3 months notice (make sure we have all the supplies, decorations, boxes etc. and have them get shipped to us with plenty of time in case the customer changes their mind)

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Walmart wedding cakes are just decorated with icing right not fondant? I'm dividing on my cake choices. My colors are ivory, green, and brown. I would like ivory cake with dirty icing or texture. I want round tiers and little pops of color. I saw a sample cake that used ribbon. Do you provide cake decor or does the customer? They also had a sign saying they wanted a week notice! I'd be a nervous wreck if I didn't plan it 4 months ahead.

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Walmart cake tastes okay, but don't expect much from the decoration.

If you don't like the look of the cakes already for sale in the cases, you're probably not going to be happy with a wedding cake because the same people who are going to decorate your cake are the same people who made those b-day cakes.

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Always icing (either buttercream or whipped) and never fondant. we do provide decorations so long as its something from our books that we can order, if there's something in specific you want and we don't have then you'd have to provide it but you'd probably be charged a little less. For wedding cakes we need 3 months... atleast at the one i work at. if its smaller like a birthday cake or a grad cake or something like that its only 24 hours. (2 tiers and smaller - 24hours anything over 2 tiers is 3 months) I wouldn't always judge by the birthday cakes in the cake case because the majority of the time we have a manager pushing us all the time to get it filled so we don't spend the same amount of time on those cakes as we do on an order. It does give you a sense of their style though, each cake decorator is different. some have taken classes some are self taught or taught by the other cake decorators
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