So I'm debating on if I want to spend the money on a videographer. Is it worht it? I feel like it's an old traditiona and haven't heard much about people having one. My dad is paying for the wedding but I don't want to break his bank. I know he has his own finances to worry about but would give me what I want.

So to get a videographer or not...that is the question....please help!!!

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I am in the same dilema the only good thing i have going to me is my photographer does videography as well and we could get a decent deal but idk if we really need it.. am i going to go back and watch my wedding all over rather just look at my amazing pictures.. hehe.. maybe you could spend that money on something ore fun for you guys.. like were doing a photo booth.....

oh and were date twins :)))) yay... the date is coming quickly lol

Soon to be Mrs. Z
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We are paying for everything our selves and cant really afford a videographer but were going to make it work. I originally never thought we needed one but I want to have it to show my kids one day, and maybe play at our 50th anniversary. Its just a special time and day so why wouldnt you want to spend the extra 300 for it or watever the price.

Samantha Renee Events NJ
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It is a nice added bonus to your still photos, but not necessary. If you can afford it, go for it!

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I was going back and forth on whether or not I wanted one, and while it's obviously not necessary, when I asked various opinions and looked at different forums and things online, a lot of people who chose not to have videography said that looking back on it they wished they would have done it, and those that did do it said they were so happy that they did. So, I did my research and found a vendor who was in my price range and still had the quality of work I liked, he's pretty reasonable and I'll have those memories for a lifetime!

Ms. M
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In my area, they seem to run $3k plus (a little more than my photographers!). I understand a lot goes into editing, etc, but we simply couldn't fit it in the budget. I do want video though. I'm sure I'll show/look at my pictures more, but there's something about capturing those random moments still cameras can't. I ended up borrowing a camcorder that an uncle will use. We almost rented a top of the line professional camcorder for $150 (retails for well over $3k), but decided a free "home video" quality camcorder was good enough for us. We are only recording the ceremony and key moments from the reception (toasts, dances, and cake cutting). My uncle doesn't mind and we're only asking for maybe at most 2/6 hours being filmed (probably closer to 1).
So it completely depends on what you want. I would totally pay for it if I could, but we simply can't and are happy with the compromise! (Sorry I'm so stress taking over and I'm beat, lol!)
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Ms. M
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I just wanted to add that we're completely okay if my uncle misses some of those key moments. We're realists :) Though he doesn't drink, isn't super close to me (or married), and hardly knows many people there, so we'll see!. He filmed one of my aunt's weddings in the 80's and it turned out great (lol)!!

Ms. M
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BTW, if it's an old tradition, I feel ancient, lol!! (I'm 31, first marriage).
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I think it's great to have your ceremony recorded, but you don't necessarily have to have that professionally done. I only really see the use in recording absolutely everything if you're having professional cinematography done, and that would break the back for all of us in the 99%. :P

Amy A.
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we are doing it to have it, we will prob only watch it a handfull of times but our photog incorporated it into our package and we got a great price on it but i like the idea of having it

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I would strongly recommend it. I am so thankful we decided to get a videographer. I actually like our wedding video trailer more than the photos. We had a great photographer but our video caught so much more emotion and fun things than our photos did. We had a small budget and hired a videographer who was trying to break into the business. We are so pleased with his work. Here is our trailer if you want to take a look

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I don't know if you have seen any of the wedding videos on here but they are definitely different than anything from a few years ago. Now they can do highlight videos that are really fun to watch that just capture the big moments of the wedding day. If I could afford a videographer I would definitely get one. I think it would be a really nice thing to have to show your children.
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I also want to add that it is a great way to showcase a highlight online that you can share with family and friends who may not be able to attend. Plus its a priceless piece of family history and legacy. Think 15 years from now! Congratulations and definitely consider it if you can find a reasonable-priced videographer!

Lady Firefly
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I think it would be nice to have a little something but doesnt have to be professional. I did find seems reasonable and a cool idea but dont know if anyone has tried it. Good forum question


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If you can afford a videographer I'd say definitely go for it, but if it is not a possibility for you you can always wait until you can afford it and have a slideshow made with your wedding pics documenting the whole day and even include some of your wedding/ceremony music.

Just Reenski
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I'm having a videographer, but it's a family friend that does it and is gifting it to us. It's more because I have a lot of family unable to attend, so I'd like to have something for them to see from the wedding. I doubt I'd watch it much, but that's not my real aim, ya know? That's something to keep in mind.

But I agree with others, if it's not in the budget, it's not in the budget.

Angie B
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We were not planning to have one initially but then I started seeing the trailers and videos on here and it totally changed my mind.I feel in love with the videos on here. We were lucky because we found a local guy who does it as a hobby not as a career so the price was only 475.00. I am glad we have it and we will prob only watch it a few times but we were able to fit it in the budget so for us it was a win win. If you can make it work I say go for it but don't break your budget.

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We weren't planning on it. We were just going to set up a few tripods and call it a day. But I really want to hire a professional now... and I'm still trying to convince FH because its just SO expensive and idk if we have it. The cheapest i can find is like 600 for non hd and raw filming. but for all that i mine as well pay the extra 400 and get it edited and high def. but 1000 bucks! Maybe I'll try to find a college kid that needs experience or something. :/
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Thanks everyonw for all the help! I think i'm going to try to talk him into hiring one!

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I am have it budgeted but I am kind of on the fence. I am think of using Wedit or Wedflick for half the price I have been quoted.
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