Venue for small wedding and reception - 50 guests. Recommendations?
We would like to have only about 50 guests but I am having trouble finding a location to have the wedding/reception on a Saturday because of the number of guests (less than 80-100 - so many places and caterers have minimums). I would still like to have a Saturday wedding and am flexible with the time of year. We are open to anywhere in Philly and all surrounding areas, even Delaware. Basically I am looking for recommenadtions for either a restaurant or other rental facility where we can work with a caterer or the venue regarding our smaller guest list. Prefer not to spend over $1,000 on a site fee. Thanks for any help

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I know what you mean, I am having a small wedding in Philly too. Most places do have a minumum person rule and It didn't makes sense to me to pay for people that I wasn't even having there. The place I am going with has a minumum amount of money that has to be spent, but it's not per preson. So instead of paying for 100 dinners when you are only serving 50 you could get extra ammenities for the money, whatever extras you want so you get your money's worth. They don't charge a site rental fee. Plus it's a very small dining room so you don't feel like this big empty room built for 150 guests that you only have 50 in. It's called the Glen Foerd Mansion on the Delaware River. The food is AMAZING and place is beautiful. I'll warn ya it's not cheap, but at least you aren't throwing the money away on invisible guests and site fees.
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