So I really want a veil and have went to DB to see there selection. Nice but pricey. So I went on etsy and found one for $61 to shipping. I accendentally hit the wrong pay button. No money change hands. I asked the vendor Midsummerseve for an address to send a check. She send me the address and told me to put pay as cash. I am not cool with that.
Is that normal on etsy. Is there a reputable vendor to get my veil online or do I have to hit the pavement and look around here.
Show me your veils.

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Why can't you use paypal or a credit card?

I wouldn't send a check to anyone for a purchase made online.
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i got mine from veiledbeauty on etsy -- she is AMAAAZING! rushed my order because she was going to be on vacation -- was incredibly responsive - products and prices are amazing. we're totally friends now! honestly, tell her ashlee recommended you to her and ask as many questions as you have - she is a doll. here is the link to her page

and a pic of me in my veil!

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Yeah, don't do it. Cancel the order, and reorder it using your card or paypal.

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I would apologize for hitting the wrong button and offer to have the seller cancel it so you can use paypal.... even if you end up not buying it you did click the button by mistake and you shouldn't use a payment method that you're not comfortable with.

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Please don't do it. I would hate to see you get scammed.

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Never pay with cash. I still haven't bought my veil yet.

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I agree with everyone else. I would cancel the order and try another vendor, she seems shady to want you to send a check payable as cash.

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I agree with Future Mrs Needam-- Cancel and re order. you still have more than enough time before your wedding

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I ordered from veiledbeauty and so far she has been a doll! I haven't received my veil yet but she definitely answered all my questions and even let me send her a swatch to make sure I picked the right shade of white!

Soon to be Mrs R
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Update. I didn't buy that veil and told the vendor to cancel. Now I need to find a veil. Thanks ladies for the advice.
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