Ushers how many I need? Can the groomsmen be ushers too?
I have 100 guest, do you know how many ushers we need? Also my fiance says that we can ask the groomsmen to be ushers, is that OK?
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We are having 100 guests as well and we didnt bother with ushers. That is just more money you have to spend to buy gifts for all of your attendandents. The groomsmen can most definetly act as ushers before the ceremony starts. Its a great way to get them more involved with the guests.

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Julie, thanks!

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I agree that groomsmen can act as ushers, definitely save money on extra gifts I like that lol

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I've invited just short of 200 guests and we aren't having ushers. The groomsmen might take on user duties, but we didn't see the point in having users.

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We're also having about 100 guests. We're only going to have an usher because FH had such a hard time asking only one of his best friends to be BM, so the other one gets to be the usher.

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Your groomsmen can definitely double as ushers. Rule of thumb is 1 usher per 50 guests.

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I am not having ushers, groomsmen will be seating our guests. We have 3 groomsmen and are trying to keep guest list under 100.

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ladylee - Oh darn, guess that means we'll need a second one. I'll probably just make the best man do it then!

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We have about the same number of guests and our four groomsmen will double as ushers. They get off easy during the planning, so whatever. Lol.

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Im having Usherettes. I had already asked my sister to be my MOH, 2 of my close friends to be BM and my niece to JrBM. Then I found out that FH didnt want any GM, just his best man. So instead of asking 2 of my other close friends to be BM, I asked them to be Usherettes. FH did ask his son to be a GM but he is shy and doesnt want to stand up in front of everyone, so we asked him to be and Usher(pageboy). All 3 were going to be in the wedding anyways, I just found other jobs for them.

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Oh also, there is no reason the GM couldnt double as Ushers, and I think the rule is 1 Usher per 50 guests. But dont quote me.

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In my world, groomsmen have always been the ushers. So, not a problem!

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Thanks everybody!
Danie I love the idea of the usherettes...:-)
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