UPS is REALLY starting to piss me off
For those of you that didn't see my post yesterday, last week my phone got stolen and AT&T sent me a new one. It was suppose to get here yesterday and it never did. My mom called UPS and they said that there was a warehouse mixup and it would be here tommorow which is today. I stayed home from school today because we werent sure if it was gonna need a signiture and it STILL hasnt come. I know the delivery day isnt over yet but its just so strange cause they ALWAYS deliver to our house by 3 at the latest and its now 5:33. My mom just got off the phone with UPS and the guy said that it was gonna be delivered today but I'm like freaking out it's lost or something and isnt gonna come today

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Married: 08/08/2015
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*Update* It's now 7:26 and it's STILL not here :( I think they lost my phone :/

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Oh no! :/

Any update today?
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Our UPS guy here at the office is 100% the best. Never have a problem, ever.
I live 2 miles from here. Close enough that I often bike or walk. But alas, our driver at home is the complete opposite. Last year, I ordered a gold necklace for my husband. It matched a bracelet that he has had for years. I waited home all day since I knew it would need a signature. I left the door open all day. 2pm, 3pm, 4pm UPS is insisting he would be there. I go online to check - he has it listed now at 4:30pm that I wasn't home to sign for it. No sticky note on the door. I call UPS. Well, you won't get it until the 26th when they redeliver. NO NO NO NO NO I was on the phone with YOU 3xs, you know I was home. I cursed like a sailor, totally unlike me. They insist they can't reroute him back. I said forget back- HE WAS NEVER HERE. I got a manager who sent the guy back. He threw the package at me and left with no signature. Same guy who has thrown packages over my 6ft fence and leaves boxes in the rain. UGH
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