Uplighting Questions....HELP
Alright so I am getting married in a BEAUTIFUL hotel ballroom. I have seen some beautiful pictures of uplighting around the room. Two questions:

Has anyone looked into or had uplighting at their wedding...how much does average uplighting cost?

Is it worth it?

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We have. Our DJ offers it for about $35 per light and about $45 per LED light. I definitely think it's worth it depending on the lighting your venue has. No matter what I think it always adds a nice touch even if its just spot lighting, i.e. sweetheart table, cake table, bar, etc.
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Uplighting is totally worthed - The key to pretty reception photography is Background lighting.

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We are doing it. Our DJ is charging us $25 per uplight, but he gave us a good deal so that we would book with him. Most of the DJs in our area were charging $35 per uplight. In our case, it will be very worth it because our venue doesn't have any special lighting. I think it looks nice and it photographs beautifully.

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Prices in Chicago are a little higher from what I've found.....$45 per uplight. We interviewed a couple of schmancy wedding designers who were charging more than that, and now we're going with our DJ to try and get a package deal.

We're doing draping as well on the walls. Here is our venue with uplighting, and without. Huge difference!

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We have ours through our venue as they have the best price. I think lighting makes a big difference--especially when it comes to dancing.

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A lot of it is a matter of preference. I'm sure that it can help if done right, but so many of the pictures I see are weird colors that are just distracting and its not my style.

I'm actually a little annoyed that one of my venues sent pictures of their room and there are random spots of pink lighting on the wall.(in a beautiful formal ballroom)

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Luckily my venue offers it at the better price than my DJ and it looks great!!! I saw pictures with and without it and I just knew I had to have it because it just makes it look so much better

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We had DIY uplighting. Details are here.

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Tyrone Blue Entertainment

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I've written many threads and posts right here on WW about lighting, specifically "uplighting". If any of the brides here, would like a 15 minute education regarding everything you need to know about UPLIGHTING, here is a good read: http://tyroneblue.blogspot.com/

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Uplighting looks amazing, but make sure you tell your videographer and photographer so they can plan for it. Many Videographers will want to add some additional lighting to the dance floor and for toasts so people don't look like Smurfs on video. Letting them know will allow them to plan ahead for it and coordinate with the DJ and/or lighting company.
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Like everything else, done right it looks great. Done badly, and it looks cheesy and is a waste of money. Remember to factor in the color of the walls, ceiling, etc. when choosing lighting colors.

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35-45 sounds about right. Sometimes a little lighting goes a long way.



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If you are interested in DIY uplighting, the prices are $19/each with free shipping both ways on rentals. It's a great alternative for brides on a budget!

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Uplighting is an AMAZING addition to nearly any environment. I highly recommend it to all of my clients. From rustic casual to modern elegance, uplighting can fit in very nicely when done by someone who knows their stuff. So can textural gobos for walls and ceilings. Both look great, but even better when paired together. Attached is a pic of amber uplights with amber textural gobos on the walls. A whole new environment is created and looks stunning.
Lighting in general is great because it creates a sense of magic, energy, intrigue and depth. Marc with Visually Remember is right, make sure your photog/videographer knows ahead of time though. A little preparation goes a LONG way, and your pictures will be better in doing so.
As for prices, I offer uplighting for $25/light and am self-owned and operated, so my prices are quite a bit lower than others in the same market. Good luck!


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For those in the Tri State, New Jersey area, we offer affodable uplighting packages ranging from $500.00 to $1000.00 Max. Comes with up to 30 uplights. We will not over charge you in any way. The only thing we ask is we need to have a meeting with the venue prior to quoting out any job. Some venues only allow the DJ or Lighting Professional maybe an hour for setup. TO keep our costs lower for our customers our lighting is not wireless, therfore it takes time to set up. You will gain the same effect as a company charging double or triple the price. Below are a few photos of a rooms we have uplit.
We understand its hard to pay for weddings in this economy, thats why we do the best we can to work with every couple so they get what they want for thier special day!

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Uplighting ranges from $15 a light up to $60 per light. Cheaper uplighting uses cheaper 10mm LEDs. You get quite a bit of color shadowing (think your color in the middle and a rainbow of red, green, and blue on the sides of the light on the wall). Colors like amber, yellow and orange don't look quite right with these types of fixtures. If you are working with a DJ or wired DIY sites, it's usually a Chauvet fixture (slim par 56 or 64 - color shadowing).

If going DIY think realistically if you or your friends setting them up have time to deal with wires or make them clean enough so it doesn't look like a tangle of wires on the floor. Most venues give you 2 hours for setup, so little time with everything else!

DIY wireless uplightingmight be worth looking into. It's slightly more expensive ($29-$35 per light) but takes less than 10 minutes to setup and uses the beefier 1w LED lights (no color shadows.)
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