Uplighting excitement!
So I really wanted uplighting because I think it's just beautiful and really sets the mood, plus with the whole purple linens fiasco I'm thinking I'm going to have grey linens with pops of silver and purple (see my inspiration board), and I thought it would all look better if the rooms were uplighted purple. Anyways, I'd pretty much figured I'd have to do this myself.. and while it sounded easy enough, there were a few concerns the hassle. Plus after everything it was $40 per uplight, and this was for the really hot par cans gels. I figured I would just get a few and have pops of color.

But for kicks I decided to get in touch with a lighting company in the area to find out how much they'd be, figuring it'd just cement the fact that I have to do it myself. BUT, for 16 LED lights (no heat & can by any color in the spectrum) them setting up and tearing down, it's only $350! I'm so thrilled! That's only $22 a light and I don't have to worry at all about it! Woohoo! :)

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thats great! Im seriously considering some pops of color uplighting. At first I thought it was totally out of my budget, but now it seems more feasible.

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Definitely at least check it out. I was (pleasantly) floored at the price! This is the first (and probably ONLY haha) time that something was less expensive than I thought it'd be for this dang wedding! ;) :)

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I LOVE uplighting!! I booked my DJ at a bridal show and their special was either an additional hour free of charge or FREE uplighting!! I was extremely excited! We are getting 12 uplights for free and can add more if we choose to pay for them!!

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WOW! That is fantastic! I actually really like knowing the cost. My decorater is doing uplights for me and charging me a lot more. We are in the process of negotiating price, so maybe I can use this to help bring down the cost. Thanks, and purple will be beautiful! :)

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We had uplighting at our wedding through our DJ, and it was absolutely beautiful! They matched our wedding colors, and really gave the room that extra "pop" that really wowed our guests. I'd definitely recommend it!
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Yay, you will love it! I had teal uplighting on all the walls and my price was the same. It looked beautiful!!

Tyrone Blue Entertainment

Tyrone Blue Entertainment
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You got a great deal! $22 per fixture is unheard of in the uplighting market. Make sure your lighting tech can control them once the dance starts.

Most DJ's don't know how to program DMX fixtures, but some can, and it's adds a lot to the event if the uplighting can be choreographed to the dance portion of the evening.
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Our price for uplighting is higher, but we're about average for Chicago. Some companies are charging twice what we do (but they have more overhead and really aren't interested in the wedding market anyway).

On the other side, make sure that $22 includes delivery. Some people give you a low per-fixture price then back in to a higher fee with a large delivery and set-up charge.

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$22 is just what I broke it down to.. they didn't give me a per-fixture price, just a lump fee of $350 for a minimum of 16 lights and setup and delivery. Another perk of living in the south I guess! :)

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