Upbeat Recessional
I have been just having the hardest time trying to find a recessional song that’s upbeat. I found two that I like what do you all think? I’m looking for some R&B, something about love.
Any suggestions?

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My friend and colleague John, from www.ariamelody.com and my friend Steve from www.thesoundchoicemusic.com both have great playlists for every part of the ceremony. Indie bride is also a good source.

We're seeing a lot of Beatles lately; All you Need is Love. The ever popular, "We are Family", Somewhere over the rainbow" (Uke version), I even had one couple use "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" and another used the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean......

You'll find one !

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I've been told ours isn't "upbeat" enough but we like it and it means something to us. I think in the grand scheme of things that's all that matters.

This is ours

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Interesting James to Be. FH chose this song as our recessional as well

FYI: I love song #1. FH and I are definitely going to dance to that song as well.

FMC, FH chose "Cool" as our first dance.

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Ours is It's The End Of The World As We Know It by Great Big Sea, so excited to see out guests faces :)

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Ours is You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates

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FH picked ours! Its pretty upbeat.
38 special Caught up in You

His first choice-- R kelly Ignition Remix... Just had to say no to that lol grandmas wouldnt know what to think!!
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R&B, do you like some upbeat blues? Something's Got A Hold on Me is nice and upbeat. Etta James version if you start it at about 30 seconds in has good spirit lifting. "Feeling good" is also a nice one, usually to get the more upbeat part you cut in around 40-50 seconds.

If you want some funk, James Brown's "I Feel Good" is definitely upbeat. More modern, Joss Stone's "Super Duper Love".

Marvin Gaye's "Aint no mountain high enough" is a classic.

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Thank you @ Celia Milton

@B'Loved: Wow My Fiance hates Dream Girls, so I didnt tell him where the song came from lol
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*SoonToBeMrs.Kelly* Wow you took the word right out of my mouth, I was about to say, my grandmas jaw would drop off lol

Genevieve H.: Thanks!

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Auburn's "Perfect Two"? That one makes me smile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lLvtydTM78

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FH hated that movie as well. But for some unknown reason, he only remembers one song from the entire movie.

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My BFF is getting married in June and she is doing the chorus of Young Jeezy song I do... She is a free spirit that way :-)

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Ours is "Best of My Love" by the Emotions. Upbeat, words say us and it's from our era of music

Might make it our entrance song though still not sure.
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Mrs. Reese's Pieces
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Thanks for bringing this up! I totally haven't thought about this yet. lol

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our recessional is Crazy little thing called love by Queen (our guest will already have champagne in hand by the time we begin our recessional! @ Rowena G. we are coming into the reception to the song "best of my love" :)

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Thank you

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I was thinking of using Usher's new song "Scream" still undecided. We are doing a "country" theme, so I was hoping to find a country song, but I cant find one! I like all music, so im not saying country is all that will be played, def not, but i was hoping to stick to the theme on the important stuff. But I like this song!

my other close favorite was this:
Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On

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For a contemporary version of the traditional Mendelssohn wedding recessional, this is very nice - lots of fun, but not over the top for the guests who might typically prefer the traditional.
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